German Students Welcomed

Students in Kathy Markarian’s German classes at Crescenta Valley High School had the opportunity to exchange language skills and celebrate cultural differences as part of an exchange program between students of German at CVHS and their counterparts studying English at Gymnassium Phillippinum in Marburg, Germany. The 12 students traveling from Marburg were welcomed by their host families on Oct. 1 and enjoyed shadowing their host students at school and in the community for the various extracurricular activities each day. Activities included attending Falcon football games, Comedy Sports, plays, and even an outing to In & Out! Organized tours included Hollywood, Universal Studios and JPL.

Some students were treated to a “meet and greet” at the Rosebowl where CVHS alumna and former ASB president Joy McCreary, who completed a performance with the UCLA bruin marching band, welcomed them to the community. McCreary studied German with Frau Markarian while at CV and also participated in the German exchange program as a host. Students of German from CVHS plan to travel to Marburg, Germany in June to spend a few weeks improving their German language skills and learning about life in Marburg.

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