Court of Honor Held at Healy Hall

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Boy Scout Troop 317 Court of Honor - September 5, 2014 WEB
The Boy Scouts of Troop 317 recently held a Court of Honor ceremony at Holy Redeemer Healy Hall on Sept. 5. Scoutmaster David Januzik, ASMs Margaret Metz, Stephanie Soewers, Boy Scouts Kevin Tom and Anthony Norkus, with many parents, families and friends, presented well-earned merit badges to the following scouts: Curtis Yun (astronomy, camping, canoeing, cooking, leather); Gavin Crummel (canoeing, cooking, first aid); Aedan Molina (canoeing, citizenship in the world, cooking); Ethan Arellano (chess, cooking, first aid, leather); Allister Quizon (chess, citizenship in the world, cooking, first aid, fishing, leather, plant science) Sean Metz (chess, citizenship in the world, cooking, emergency preparedness, leather, plant science, soil & water conservation); Sean Salazar (chess, citizenship in the world, cooking, first aid); Alexander Soewers (citizenship in the nation, cooking, life saving, personal management); David Januzik (citizenship in the world, cooking, emergency preparedness, leather, plant science); Ryan Januzik (citizenship in the world, cooking); Colin Carr (cooking, first aid); Nick Zamora (cooking); Sean Russell (environmental science, first aid, sports); and Joshua Ponce (sculpture).

Troop 317 Scoutmaster David Januzik also presented rank advancements to Allister Quizon (Tenderfoot); Gavin Crummel, David Januzik, Sean Metz (Second Class); Aedan Molina (Star Scout); and Ryan Januzik, Alexander Soewers, Curtis Yun (Life Scouts).

A special Meritorious Award was also presented to Scoutmaster Rich Toyon by Ron Dietal and Harriet Hammons, both distinguished representatives of the BSA Verdugo Hills Council.

Toyon, through his leadership, training, and presence of mind, was able to assist and help a distressed hiker back in 2010 and most probably saved his life.

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