Foothill schools greet new year

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Despite a delay local schools begin with smiles and anticipation of what the new school year will bring

cv-1Crescenta Valley students went back to school after an unexpected three day delay due to the Station fire. Ash could still be seen on the playground and railings as kids greeted each other after their long summer vacation.

“I like the few more days to sleep in,” said Natalie Snyder, fifth grader at Mountain Avenue Elementary.

Natalie and her family had been evacuated due to the fire.

“That was a little scary but I’m happy to be here with my friends,” she said.

Students gave high-fives and fist bumps to each other as they walked to their classrooms. Some students realized how their friends and they themselves have changed over the summer.

“Look how big my feet are – they cover the whole step,” said a fifth grade boy.

cv-2The extra days off allowed fourth grader Luke Naoumovitch time to recover from his recent trip to Paris and Greece.

“It gave him time to recover from jet lag,” said mom Suzanne Naoumovitch- Glass.

Luke said he liked traveling over the summer with his father, George. “My favorite place was Paris. I liked the Eiffel Tower. The crepes were really good,” he said.

He and his father also visited Notre Dame Cathedral where he said he was really impressed with the gargoyles.





Photos by Leonard Couton, Mary O’Keefe, Charly Shelton

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