Valley View Raises Money for New Computers

By Joanna KIM

On Friday, Valley View Elementary School held a family picnic to raise money to replace the school’s computers and lab.

The school’s current computers are nine years old and are continuously breaking down. The school is unable to access programing software or run regular programs. In addition, the new Common Core standards require students to be 21st century-ready with ability to collaborate, think critically, and understand technology.  The current computers are incapable of fulfilling the students’ educational needs.
Unfortunately, budget deficits have caused the school district to cut funding for schools. Responding to this, Valley View Education Foundation (VVEF), run by the parents of the elementary students, decided to raise the needed money.

“[By] having computers that enable students to access [the] curriculum, I believe we can help our students get ready for the future,” said Vie Nazarian, a VV teacher and public relations representative of the Foundation.

The Foundation has raised $35,000 over the past three years from family picnics, pancake dinners, and Campaign for Excellence, when parents are asked to donate money for their children’s education.
VVEF needs to raise $18,000 more in order to replace the computers with chromebooks.

Donations to this cause can be made on the school’s gofundme page at

Photos by Joanna KIM