KNIGHTS Engage in “Child’s Play”

Teen gamers from Crescenta Valley High School that are part of an organization called the KNIGHTS (Kind Nerds Inspiring Great Heroics Through Streaming) used their gaming skills and connections to raise money for the Child’s Play organization.


For over four days last week, teen gamers throughout the community, nicknamed the KNIGHTS, joined forces to raise money for Child’s Play, an organization that raises money to give children in hospitals entertainment.

KNIGHTS is a club at Crescenta Valley High School dedicated to integrating gaming and charity. An acronym for Kind Nerds Inspiring Great Heroics Through Streaming, the KNIGHTS provided more than $7 million in donations of items like toys, games, books and money for patients in over 70 partner children’s hospitals around the globe.

The goal of the  KNIGHTS is to enable gamers with the skills they need to succeed and to inspire them by promoting creativity, teamwork, intellect and philanthropy.

These students have joined together to help raise funds by streaming their own members playing various video games and integrating challenges.

Earlier in the year, the KNIGHTS held a Pokemon “Catch-a-thon” to raise money for Japan Relief. Together the team “caught” all 649 Pokemon throughout all games in less than 96 hours. The telethon was streamed live online, and viewers could donate to Japan through a safe, secure site via PayPal. Through their hard work, the KNIGHTS raised $1,000 for Japan relief.

Last week, the team worked together to create another event, raising money for Child’s Play. Through live streaming of multiple well-known video games, the KNIGHTS streamed video games along with comical commentary at The Firehouse through a four-day, 24 hours per day event. Through the event, the 20 students raised over $300.

Although all donations made through the organization goes straight to Child’s Play, the KNIGHTS’ expenses came straight out of members’ pockets. The cost of events, because of their length of multiple days, runs in excess of $200, including food and venue expenses. The KNIGHTS held a variety of fundraisers inside and outside of school to raise money, including putting donation cans in classes.

A major commitment of time, money and energy is needed beyond the resources of students. The team is always looking for creative fundraising ideas and relies on the generosity of the community to recognize and support their cause.
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