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CVHS Students Get Ready for 2014-15

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Photos by Mary O’KEEFE

Photos by Mary O’KEEFE


Although school does not begin until Aug. 11, the Crescenta Valley High School campus and hallways were already full of students this week. Finding a locker was a priority for most with seniors getting first choice on July 31, followed by juniors the following Friday, sophomores on Monday and on Tuesday it was the freshmen’s turn to see if any lockers would be left for them.

“Everyone will be getting a locker,” said Forest Holbrook, CVHS assistant principal at the freshman orientation on Tuesday. He added that administrators have asked students to share lockers and if this happens more lockers will be available for freshmen. On Tuesday, there were only 100 lockers available; however, when the first week of school gets into full swing, students are expected to find others to share with and more lockers should be available.

In addition to Holbrook, freshmen were greeted by the ASB (Associated Student Body) in the auditorium. A community- involved ASB is the goal of this school year, said Marina Torres, ASB president.

She added ASB wants to reach out to other clubs and highlight what they do best.
“We have our Club Expo but want to have a Club Week when clubs can fundraise by selling T-shirts or other [items] on campus,” she said.

Club Expo is a time in the beginning of the school year when new and returning CVHS clubs reach out to students for membership. Torres wants the student body to know what clubs are at CVHS and what community organizations are in Crescenta Valley.

Freshman Ray Derbedorssian was in student government at Wilson Middle School and looks forward to opportunities at CVHS.

“I hope to be part of an organization and a club,” she said. “I am [looking forward] to experiencing high school.”

Anthony Stewart was standing in the long line to get his student identification card and class schedule on Tuesday. He is a little cautious about what high school will have to offer.

“I don’t know if I want to join a club yet,” he said.

“It’s interesting to see the ninth graders,” said Sungsook Kim, assistant principal. “They are lost this first day but soon they will get [to know] it.”

After students received their schedules they headed down to the book room, manned by adult and ASB volunteers and led by Sharon Mark from the textbook office.

It was a long day, with long lines, but all seemed anxious for the new school year to start, despite wanting to squeeze out just a little bit of summer as they walked off campus to have lunch and compare class schedules.

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