Back to School = Back to School Traffic


This Monday students from the Glendale Unified School go back to school.  That means many things to many people but for most of the community it means more traffic.

For the first few days many parents will be walking their little ones to elementary schools. Rosemont Middle School parents will find out just how busy Rosemont Avenue gets in the early mornings. Crescenta Valley High School parents and students will maneuver their way around the school, discovering in those first few days where the best place is for their child to be dropped off and teen drivers find the early bird gets the best parking.

All of this is part of a traditional school passage but it is also a time for drivers and pedestrians to learn what not to do.

“We want drivers to remember to pay attention to vehicles and pedestrians,” said Officer Ryan Bejar, California Highway Patrol. “A lot of times is it people getting used to a routine.”

He added it is important for students and parents to give themselves enough time.

“[Its important] not to rush and drive too fast,” he added.

In addition to giving yourself enough time it is also important not to be distracted while driving, he said.

“You have to give driving you full attention…driving is multitasking on its own,” Bejar said.

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