Thursday Club Hosts College Admission Workshop

Student panelists from La Cañada participating in the La Cañada Thursday Club’s upcoming college admission workshop “In 500 Words or Less” on Sunday, July 31 from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. are (from left) Jordan Platisa, Sonoma State University senior; Woody Buck, University of Michigan freshman; Katie Cooper, Emory University freshman and not pictured Steve Shushnar, University of Santa Clara freshman. These students will join local high school college counselors and educators for an interactive panel discussion following the viewing of the documentary “In 500 Words or Less.”

Going to college is a rite of passage for many American high school students. In today’s increasingly competitive world, the marathon-like process of getting into college can be emotionally overwhelming. In the award-winning documentary “In 500 Words or Less,” cameras follow four very different high school seniors and their families as they spend their final year together navigating the college admission process.  The La Cañada Thursday Club, as part of its ongoing series of community programs on current topics of interest, has announced it will screen this movie at its clubhouse on Sunday, July 31 from 3 p.m. to 5:30 pm.

“‘In 500 Words or Less’ is an informative and entertaining film which casts light and humor on a stress-filled and important stage of life,” explained Thursday Club president Judy Cooper, whose youngest child recently graduated from high school. “Getting into college today is a family affair as nearly 1.5 million students and their families go through the college admission process each year. While race, geography and socio-economic status affect how the film’s four main characters arrive at their college choices,” added Cooper. “Their emotional stories converge as they all juggle acceptance, rejection, decision-making and letting go. We [at the Thursday Club] hope that our workshop will provide insight and perspective to families embarking on their college admission journeys.”

Following the film, a panel of college counselors, educators and college-bound students will be available for an interactive discussion with the audience. These include Joanna Hartigan, director emerita of college counseling, Flintridge Preparatory School; Jan Roberts, parent educator and newspaper columnist; Sally Spangler, college counselor, La Cañada High School; Emily Toffelmire, assistant director, Undergrad Admissions, University of Southern California. Student panelists include Woody Buck, University of Michigan freshman; Katie Cooper, Emory University freshman; Jordan Platisa, Sonoma State University senior; Steve Shushnar, University of Santa Clara freshman. All high school students, parents, grandparents and interested members of the foothill area communities are invited to attend this program. Flintridge Bookstore will be displaying a wide selection of related resource books that will be available for purchase.

For reservations contact Jacquie Townsend at (626) 284-5140. Admission is $10 adults, $5 students and will be collected at the door. Pizza, salad, drinks, and dessert will be served.

The La Cañada Thursday Club is located at 4440 Woodleigh Lane, La Cañada.