OLL Family Fun Days Bring Back the ’80s

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Chairman Denise Byer (left) with OLL Principal Jennifer Ratner.

Chairman Denise Byer (left) with OLL Principal Jennifer Ratner.

Who wouldn’t have fun in dizzying monkey cages or spinning inside a giant bear? How about whizzing down a huge three-story pink slide or sitting atop the highest point of a Ferris wheel? Patrons of Our Lady of Lourdes Family Fun Days did this and much more at its annual event held in May.

Not only did organizers Bring Back the ’80s with a retro theme, but everyone’s tastes were satisfied with fiesta nachos, spicy tacos, tangy German kraut sausages, Filipino pancit and good old American burgers.

Kids enjoyed the games with a favorite being the confetti egg attacks. It was hard not to see a kid without the colorful remnants of confetti in their hair.

OLL Principal Jennifer Ratner said the goals of the FFD Committee were to reach more of the community, make rides more affordable and provide a safer environment.

“We wanted to bring community members together in a safe environment to enjoy rides, entertainment and games,” said Ratner.

The presence of LAPD and additional security provided by OLL parents at all gates ensured a safe, party atmosphere.

“We wanted our community to be excited,” added FFD chairperson Denise Byer.

Families enjoyed the ’80s cover bands FM Radio and Young Guns along with a mariachi on Sunday. Anyone near OLL could hear great the music during the weekend.

Byer said she looks forward in the future to building a larger game area with more games for older kids, and having more food options. She added that, as her first year as chair, “It was a lot of fun. A huge credit goes to all the committee members and ministries.”

Ratner extended her gratitude to the parish ministries, school families and sponsors.     “This event would not be possible without their support,” she said.

Sponsors for the fair included Santa Clarita Electric, Allen Lund Company, Climatec Inc., Griffith Park Pony Rides, Law Offices of Nigel Burns, Parasec, Tanker T.V. Inc., Up The Hill Cocktails and many OLL families.

Proceeds benefitted Our Lady of Lourdes school and parish.

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