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OLOL Performs ‘The Jungle Book Kids’

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One of Our Lady of Lourdes’ most highly anticipated events of the year hit the stage and wowed the crowds when the school’s Performing Arts Department presented, “The Jungle Book Kids.” This year’s performance of one of Disney’s most loved movies incredible set design, costuming, make-up, sound, lighting and, of course, acting.

Key performers included sixth grader Veronica Hunstable who played Mowgli the Man-Cub, eighth grader Patrick Rhodes undertook the role of Baloo the Bear and a sly Shere Khan the Tiger was played by seventh grader Teddy Ibarra.

The performers earned applause and laughs from the audience, performing on a stage that was magically transformed into a jungle under the direction of creative designer and kindergarten teacher Kim Fill.

In addition to costumes and makeup that transformed the actors, the audience during intermission felt as if it had walked into a jungle. Hanging snakes, towering tropical trees, fun artwork by the kids and even jungle-themed desserts welcomed guests.

Such in-depth performances could not happen without the help of parents, teachers, staff, alumni and many others. The countless hours invested to make it all happen were evident as all who took part enjoyed the experience.

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