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Three Cub Scouts from Den 4 of Pack 310 visited the offices of CV Weekly on May 9. Jasper Kugler, 6, Valdemar Tobar, 7, and Eli Arellano, 7, meet every two weeks at Lincoln Elementary and stopped by CV Weekly to earn their Go See It bead.

Jasper attends La Crescenta Elementary, Valdemar goes to Lincoln Elementary and Eli attends Palm Crest Elementary. There are six Scouts that are in the Den, but only three were able to take part in Friday’s outing.

The boys came to visit the newspaper office as part of their field trip for their Tiger achievement. They came to the office to learn about how to make newspapers, Valedemar said.

Jasper added that it was part of learning how to communicate, and Eli said that newspapers help people who are deaf so they can still read and learn what’s going on.

The boys are already looking to their futures. Eli is interested in becoming a professional baseball player; Valdemar said he is interested in studying to be a psychologist and a fireman; Jasper said that he would like to check out being an engineer. In the meantime, they said that they plan to continue in Scouts for at least the time being.

Valdemar added that community service projects are very important and they have participated in Scouting for Food and beautification projects. Valdemar is especially interested in Earth sciences and related subjects.

Also visiting the office was Abby Arellano, 8. Abby is a Brownie who also attends Palm Crest.

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