Earth Day at Dunsmore

Dunsmore Elementary School celebrated Earth Day on Friday, April 22 with an array of planet-friendly activities. Students participated in a used book exchange, donated recyclables that will fund campus beautification projects and brought in used batteries so that they could be properly disposed of.
A highlight of the day was a science event headed up by Wendy Hart and sponsored by PTA. Students and teachers had a chance to participate in 18 different hands-on science activities run by parent volunteers. These included racing solar cars, releasing ladybugs, sampling food cooked in solar ovens, planting California poppies, making UV detector rings, experimenting with solar cells and wind turbines and creating recycled art. Students also tied together fleece blankets that will be donated to a local shelter. They also observed and learned about composting and vermicomposting.
Students left with a better understanding of simple things they can do to make a difference and committed to it on a recycled paper banner.