Tablet Technology Comes to St. James/Holy Redeemer

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First grade students at St. James enjoy their iPads.

First grade students at St. James enjoy their iPads.

Student education at St. James Elementary School and Holy Redeemer Middle School was taken up a notch with the recent donation of 40 iPads to the school campuses.

These electronic devices offer a platform on which students can use a wide variety of educational tools and fun applications (apps). There are apps for logic, mathematics, history, science, grammar, reading and literature. School administrators have integrated the iPads into everyday academic curriculum and students use them on a weekly, if not daily, basis in most classes.

Students have reported that they are able to work faster and more efficiently, often reducing their homework load.

“The tablet computers are a great enrichment to the education and make learning more enjoyable, allowing students to grow in all subjects,” said Susan Romero, principal of the schools. “One of the greatest advantages of having these portable devices is being able to quickly research any question that anyone may have.”

The iPads have allowed the middle school students to participate in new projects and activities that include Keynote, an app that allows students to create presentations on various social studies topics, and logic games that helped the decathlon team prepare for its March 2 competition.

Holy Redeemer eighth grade students work on their iPads.

Holy Redeemer eighth grade students work on their iPads.

Students can also use earphones to listen to a video program on California photographer Ansel Adams and noteworthy scenes in Shakespeare plays. Eighth graders use the tablets to access an Internet blog on “Romeo & Juliet” and post comments related to the tragedy.

Eighth grade teacher Lisa Knatcal said that her students are motivated by the touch-screen interactivity of the tablet computer.

On the St. James campus, first grade teacher Katy McCauley said, “The kids enjoy playing Spell Wiz, Coin Math, and TeachTown.” These applications help improve math computation speed and reading fluency.

Of the total 40 iPads received, 20 were donated by the grandmother of a St. James Elementary School student.

“We are very thankful for this very generous gift, and appreciate her interest in helping our teachers deliver the very latest tool to create a more interesting and effective learning environment,” said Romero.

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