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2017 AESA Scholarship Announcement

The Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America, Inc. (AESA) is a non-profit (501 c-3) organization headquartered in Glendale. AESA thrives to engage Armenian youth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and create and provide a medium of networking and advancement for college graduates and young professionals. In-line with this spirit and philosophy, AESA announces the beginning of a graduate studies scholarship program.

The scholarship is offered every year for the amount of $3,000 to any Armenian graduate student involved in a thesis/dissertation program in an accredited university. The scholarship is sponsored this year by Dr. Shant and Mrs. Ani Kenderian. Below is a brief summary for the criteria for applicants:

• Be of Armenian descent

• Graduate studies scholarship

• Educational institution must be an accredited one

• Applicant writes a 1500 word essay to present the research. This means non-thesis MSc/PhD programs are not going to be eligible for scholarship. GPA is not accounted for the award, however, research topic is.

• Letters of recommendation

• Applicant must have a presentation/lecture at AESA when the research project is completed.

Applicants must visit AESA website under Scholarship Committee and click on the link provided there. One application per graduate student.

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