CVHS Students Honored for Doing Right Thing


The La Crescenta Baha’i Community awarded 14 Crescenta Valley High School students with their Spring Virtue Awards on Tuesday afternoon at a ceremony in the school’s career center.

“We recognize the kids that do the right thing,” said Michele Morris.

Their teachers nominated the students and although all had different qualities attributed to them, they also had one thing in common – they respected and supported their fellow students, as well as their teacher.

Virtues like kindness, compassion and responsibility were the guidelines for teachers when choosing their candidate. This is the 17th year the La Crescenta Baha’i Community has honored students.
“In the past, Rocky Cola restaurant supported [the award] with a $20 gift certificate,” Morris said. Rocky Cola is no longer in business so the organization purchased movie ticket certificates for the students.

All the teachers spoke about how their student not only supported them in their classroom but how they would reach out to other students, even those they didn’t know, who needed help or guidance.

The students did not know their teachers had nominated them. They had no idea they received the award until they were called to the office and given the notice so they could invite their parents, Morris said.

Most students did not know what they had done to receive the award, making it even more unique because they were truly being awarded for being themselves.

Those honored included Kristine Choe, Ruslan Petrov, Daniel Ajemian, Sareen Ayvazian, Logan Goddard, Matthew Schetina, Tulasi Hilder-Manahan, Kal Hempel, Amber Zadravecz, Riley Chambers, Savannah Arguello-Cooper, Evan Nelson, Kenna Ramey and Corey Tavizon.

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