Ghoslin Achieves Eagle Rank

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Bryan Ghoslin, 17, is the newest Scout from Troop 319 of La Crescenta to reach the highest rank in scouting, the Eagle Scout. Ghoslin joined Cub Scouts as a second grader at Dunsmore Elementary School and enjoyed the activities and outings that Cub scouting had to offer.

Being a Boy Scout was a goal of his from an early age and he successfully bridged to the troop in March 2006. He was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout on Oct. 25, 2012.

He quickly moved through the ranks of Boy Scouting and enjoyed a number of the leadership positions available to the boys, including being the senior patrol leader for this boy-led troop. Ghoslin decided to give back to Dunsmore Elementary when it came time to do his Eagle Scout project.

The school has always supported scouting and Ghoslin wanted to show his appreciation. He met with the principal, Karen Stegman, and they came up with a plan to revamp the kindergarten playground. As part of the requirements in the completion of the project, he oversaw the planning, designing, funding and directing of volunteers throughout the day.

The highlight of his years in scouting was the week of summer camp he participated in each year. Ghoslin’s favorite camp was Camp Fiesta Island in Mission Bay. While a Scout, he had the opportunity to learn many new things including snow skiing, opal mining, backpacking and especially rock climbing.     One of his favorite outings was spending a weekend in Yosemite where he earned his rock climbing merit badge.

He will always look back on his scouting years with fond memories and plans to continue in the troop as an adult leader sharing his experiences with the younger Scouts.

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