A Sporting Good Time

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By Isiah REYES

The gloves came off at the annual Comedy Sportz competition held in January at Crescenta Valley High School. The 8th Annual Alumni Match showcased the quick wit of the high school’s varsity team and the timing of the alumni team.

The high school league of Comedy Sportz is a training program of the main Comedy Sportz improv team located in Hollywood. High school students who graduate have the possibility of moving on to Comedy Sportz college team, rec league, or other improv training programs.

“There is something special and different about the trust you need to have with those who are onstage with you, trying to make the audience laugh,” team manager Aleen Voskanian said. “That bond is what keeps me head-over-heels in love with this program. We get kids from all over the school interested in Comedy Sportz, which creates an interesting atmosphere at practice and at our games.”

The CVHS teams practice every Wednesday to learn new improv games that could potentially be used in a match. The matches include two teams with four players on each side. The matches are played in two halves with a halftime in between.

“I enjoy it because you get the opportunity to make people laugh,” said the team co-manager Lalla Voskanian. “I love seeing everyone happy around me so it is awesome that I get to do that. Also, the team itself is so supportive and they are all so different that you get to experience very varied and interesting people.”

Faculty advisor Gavin Hall said new students audition for the few spots that are available every spring and are either placed on the Thursday team or the varsity team.

“The Thursday team plays its games at 4 p.m., which makes it a good time for local school families to come watch and not be out so late,” Hall said.

The spirited battle between varsity and alumni came down to the wire as players scrambled to take suggestions directly from the audience. In the end, it was the varsity team that emerged victorious with a one point win.

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