Valley View Celebrates Korean Lunar New Year

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Photos by Misty DUPLESSIS Valley View Elementary students performed the Korean fan dance as part of the assembly celebrating Korean Lunar New Year.


The Valley View Korean Parents’ Association hosted an entertaining assembly on Friday, Feb. 3 that helped students understand and celebrate Korean Lunar New Year.

Students were introduced to important facts of the holiday and able to see demonstrations of activities and games that are typically enjoyed during the three-day festivity.

Many students volunteered time over the last few months to practice dances, learn martial arts moves and strengthen up to make sure that the start of the Year of the Black Dragon was memorable for fellow students.

Girls of varying ages dressed in traditional pink celebratory dresses as they danced the Korean fan dance.

Valley View students performed tae kwon do demonstrations.

Valley View students performed tae kwon do demonstrations.

The sixth grade class was split into four groups and participated in a competitive game of tug-of-war while the entire school watched and cheered on their friends.

During a tae kwon do demonstration, different belt levels performed skillful moves using their feet and fists to break wooden boards with ease.

Winners of a school-wide creative writing contest, when students were encouraged to explore customs and traditions of the holiday, were announced and awarded.

President of the association Lydia Park-Kim said that the goal of the presentation was for students to gain exposure to a different culture and to learn about other New Year’s traditions.

Sixth graders took part in a tug-of-war contest.

Sixth graders took part in a tug-of-war contest.

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  1. Genesis says:

    My name is Genesis Kwon… I used to go to VVE but sadly, i moved to LCES (La crescenta elementary school) . My Teacher is Mrs. Suzanne Savage And My old Teacher From Valley view Was Mrs.Aroyan I miss my friends at this school Which are Gracie Minkler, Maneh Datyvatian, Eran And Eli Karman, Ryan Chi, Bethany Lai, and a few others…if you get this message please read this to their classes…

    Hi Guys… I miss you all… its fun here at LCES. It’s a little challenging because it is different from VVE. I feel like VVE is better for me… but don’t worry we will see each other in rosemont… I miss you all and please ask Gracie to tie you my phone number so i could reach out to you guys… Thanks

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