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By McKenna MIDDLETON, intern

The Crescenta Valley Youth Town Council is providing an opportunity for students to participate as vendors at the Montrose Harvest Market. The event is called Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow and encourages students in grades seven to 12 to participate. Students have the opportunity to sell their handmade items such as art, jewelry, ceramics, or other crafts as a vendor at the Montrose Harvest Market on Feb. 22 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Coincidentally, this is also Founders’ Day, so the Harvest Market will span two blocks rather than one, providing more business opportunity for the young vendors.

The event has already received a number of interested students who look forward to selling their handmade items. Students may sign up as individuals, pairs or in groups. The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow event is also an opportunity for school clubs to raise money for their cause. For example, the Crescenta Valley High School (CVHS) color guard will participate as vendors to raise money for upcoming competitions and events. The CV Youth Town Council members will facilitate the event though some will also participate as vendors selling their own items.

The idea for the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow was born in November at a CV Youth Town Council meeting. The group began corresponding with the Harvest  Market coordinators and recruiting students to participate.

“Our goal is to get the youth involved with the La Crescenta community. We thought it would be a good idea to expose kids to the business world and give them an opportunity to be a vendor at the Harvest Market,” said CV Youth Town Council president and CVHS senior Lisa Chik. “It’s not like a lemonade stand where you have to try and get people to come. Lots of people attend the Harvest Market and it is the perfect environment for students to utilize their crafting and selling talents.”

Participants keep all the money they make at the event. The booth will be located in the Montrose Travel parking lot in the 2400 block of Honolulu Avenue. Due to health regulations, participants may not sell baked goods or any food items as a vendor with Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow.

“How often do you get an opportunity like this? It’s like having your own company for a day. You even keep 100% of the profits. Community members should come support this event because it is a great way to encourage students who may be interested in the business world as well as a chance to purchase some unique, La Crescenta-made items,” Chik said.

Any person or club that is interested should contact event coordinator Miriam Barnes at miriam@thecvcouncil.

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