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CCNS Holds a School Day for Working Parents

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Photos provided by CCNS Busy Bears and Darling Ducklings enjoy a day at school with their working parents.

Photos provided by CCNS
Busy Bears and Darling Ducklings enjoy a day at school with their working parents.

For families of students at Crescenta-Cañada Cooperative Nursery School (CCNS), typically one parent works regularly on school activities, such as assisting the teachers in the classroom a few times a month and meeting with other parents on committees to manage the school, while another parent goes to a job to support the household. In honor of the parents who do not get a chance to participate regularly at the school, CCNS held a special event on Saturday to give these working parents a chance to experience a school day with their child.

Michelle Reilly, director and teacher at CCNS, warmly welcomed working parents and their children to school.

Busy Bears (4 year olds) and Darling Ducklings (3 year olds) were eager to show their working parents the playground where they play on a typical school day.  The children enjoyed a snack and then it was off to the classrooms, where students were happy to show their parents their favorite toys and activities. Parents and children played dress up and played with blocks, toy castles, trucks and trains. After playtime, students and parents sang songs and danced.

Parents and students had the chance to work on a number of projects together, including planting flowers in a pot that the students had painted earlier to take home, making a picture frame to hold a photo of the parent and their child that was taken during the day, and making a keepsake with overlapping handprints of the parent with their child. After all of the projects were completed, students and parents sat down and listened to a special story read by their teacher before going home.

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The event was a chance to give the working parents a glimpse into the types of activities that their child would enjoy during a normal day at school.

For more information about CCNS, check out or the CCNS Facebook page.

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