Spirited Fun at FSHA

Photos provided by FSHA Senior students compete in Spirit Week games during the assembly.
Photos provided by FSHA
Senior students compete in Spirit Week games during the assembly.

By Michael BRUER

The ritualized monotony of a given school week can be draining on the average teenager. It may be difficult to find one’s groove again following extended breaks such as the Christmas holiday. Throw in what some might consider the lackluster uniformity of the school dress code and you have a recipe for a veritable gathering of disgruntled students. That is precisely why the appropriately timed Spirit Week at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in La Cañada Flintridge is a breath of fresh air – a welcome respite, if you will, from the doldrums of academia. This week the young women of Sacred Heart demonstrated their school spirit in a variety of activities that included free-dress days and games that “promote school spirit based on the Dominican Pillar of Community,” according to Rosemary Johnston, assistant principal of Student Affairs.

The theme for the entire school year is, “The need of every human heart is to feel at home.” The Associated Student Body has taken that theme and created a week that maintains some traditional activities such as class song rewrites and grade level competitions at the mid-week assembly. In addition, they have also introduced “capture the flag” and a change in the dress-up themes to spruce up the week. Also of note is the first semester points award, given to a specific grade.

The Associated Student Body selects and organizes the entire week. They work closely with the Student Council to finalize the details of the fun-filled week.

“[ASB] plans for Spirit Week at the beginning of the school [year] and then again after we come back from Christmas break,” said freshman Dani Garcia, a member of the Associated Student Body and primary organizer of Spirit Week. “We try to come up with new ideas for each day of the week that will encourage everyone to join in. It’s pretty funny to see everyone dress like boys (one theme day), and it’s awesome to see everyone show their class spirit on Color Day.”

The week is generally embraced by all the students. It provides entertainment without detracting from class and school work. The young women particularly enjoy the Spirit Assembly with the competition between grade levels. The Spirit Assembly provides the respective grade levels a chance to show their worth and build their camaraderie together in a fun environment.

The fun was not limited to the students, either. Teachers and other staff members happily engaged in the celebration – dressing to match the themed days and many of the moderators for each grade level wearing their “class colors.” Some have even been known to dance.

Elements of this year’s Spirit Week that are making their debut include more flexibility for the “Flashback Friday,” a day when the students dress like a particular decade, as well as “Capture the Flag.” In previous years, the grade levels were assigned a decade, but this year the Tologs were allowed more flexibility to choose according to their preference. Garcia also commented on the general liveliness of the school during the annual celebration.

“Spirit Week at FSHA means a lot to each class. It’s another opportunity for each class to represent themselves as ‘the best’ class on the hill. It means loving your sisters and coming together to show your love of your class and your school,” she said. “It’s also a way to let loose and be crazy and creative.”

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