Holidays at the Disneyland Resort

Photo courtesy of Disneyland  Jack from “Nightmare Before Christmas” makes Disney’s Haunted Mansion merry, in a Halloween meets Christmas way.


Christmas time is back, and that means taking the entire family on an annual trip to Disneyland. The holly, the Christmas tree, the candles all lit up in the windows – it spells Christmas.

Returning this year is “It’s A Small World Holiday,” the joyous cruise around the world to see Christmas celebrated in every part of the world. And that song that they sing over and over and over again has been replaced with a collection of Christmas carols. Oh joy! If you love Christmas and this ride, the two go hand-in-hand. Otherwise, grab some earplugs and grin and bear it because little Timmy loves this ride, and the best part about the holidays is the joy of a child.

Also returning is the classic “Haunted Mansion Holiday.” Jack Skellington from “Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas” has invaded the Haunted Mansion, wrecking the halls for the festive season. Instead of a holiday wreath that hangs on the wall, Jack’s wreath has giant long teeth to eat one and all. The whole mansion is transformed for this Halloween/Christmas, and it is done all in a poem, which makes it even more impressive.

The centerpiece that draws people back year after year is the giant gingerbread cookie in the ballroom. The cookie is different every year, whipped up and designed by Disney chefs. As you float by in your doombuggy, the air smells of gingerbread as the ghosts bring in presents and potluck for Jack’s Christmas party. The cookie is real, and it moves as well, so be sure to stop by the Haunted Mansion to see how Halloween creates Christmas.

Over at the other park, Disney California Adventure, the new attraction is a party – Party with the Programs. elecTRONica is the new electro-rave dance party happening weekend nights in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. There is a giant Recognizer, a laser light show by Laserman, a live DJ, Castor is there to “change the scheme, alter the mood” and “electrify the boys and girls” at his End of the Line Club. Cocktails are available, but you really don’t need them to enjoy all the goings on.

In the back, Flynn’s Arcade has old arcade games including “TRON” from the 80s, as well as Space Paranoids, mentioned in the first “TRON” film but never really published until a few months ago.  And to top it all off, there is a special eight minute sneak preview of “TRON: Legacy.”

So grab your identity discs and rez-in at the Disneyland resort for some holiday fun with a TRON twist.