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Happy Egg Co. Debuts in SoCal Markets

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Does your omelet make you sad? Do your scrambled eggs make you weep? Are there more tears than hollandaise on your poached egg? Then try the new brand of eggs in town from the Happy Egg Co.

Happy eggs come from happy chickens, and happy chickens are those that aren’t trapped in a cage like so many other egg producer brands. Happy Egg Co. hens are free to roam on pastures as they play in the trees, forage for worms, enjoy dirt baths or even just take a nap in the sun.

The idea behind these eggs is that the more chemicals and hormones that are pumped into a chicken, the more will be in the eggs. But it’s also about how the chickens are treated. There is a difference in taste in the eggs that come from a happy chicken versus one that lives  in an 8.5-inch square cage, beak cut off, not even enough room to stand up and turn around. Even cage-free eggs come from chickens that are allowed approximately 10.5 by 16.5 inches of space and are locked in a barn for their entire lives.

Happy Egg Co. hens go outside to play in the sun, get protein from eating bugs in the dirt as opposed to protein powder sprinkled in their feed.

Happy Egg Co. eggs are available at many local grocery stores.

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