Manistee drive then


This is the view in 1973 looking west on Manistee Drive, the last side street at the top of Ocean View. A heavy rain had overwhelmed the Mullally Canyon debris basin, and the mud and rocks flowed into the street and through the yards and houses on the south side, causing extensive damage. Historically Mullally Canyon drained into Pickens Canyon, but the extension of Ocean View further north in the ‘60s cut across that drainage.

Manistee drive now

Mullally Canyon was completely denuded in the recent fire, and the county has attempted to mitigate potential damage from a debris basin overflow by placing K-rails and sandbags on the south side of Manistee. Not many current residents were here during flood times and so may not understand the precautions the county is taking. This comparison shows exactly what the K-rails are designed to prevent.