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Then » In this photo from the ‘40s the town center of Verdugo City is a thriving business district. The beautiful brick Roger’s Pharmacy building takes center stage, and there are dentist and doctors’ offices above. Located here as well are a grocery store, gas station, auto repair and post office. This is the view looking west on Honolulu Avenue towards its intersection with La Crescenta Avenue.

Now » It’s still a business district with a gas station, post office and several offices, but it would be hard to find anyone today who would call this intersection “Verdugo City.” The City of Glendale has taken steps to remedy that, and have placed signs identifying neighborhoods all over the city, including one for Verdugo City. This intersection’s current claim to fame is that it is the home of the offices of the CV Weekly newspaper, circled in the above photo.

Courtesy of the Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley

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  1. Mary LeBlanc says:

    Yes, I remember the old Verdugo City. My mother, Regina Goldston, worked at Rogers’ Drug Store, first at Buster’s lunch counter, and then for Doc Rogers when the lunch counter was taken out. She was there when the earthquake knocked the glass bottles of perfume and etc. of the shelves and the building was condemned. And she worked for Doc when he reopened across the street in a new building. I remember the post office, too. You could go in and buy saving’s bond stamps as well as regular stamps. Thanks for the article

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