Pseudonymous Bosch Book Signing A Success

Photo by Jason KUROSU Pseudonymous Bosch with a fan at Sparr Heights Community Center.
Photo by Jason KUROSU
Pseudonymous Bosch with a fan at Sparr Heights Community Center.


The author principally known as Pseudonymous Bosch made a public appearance in La Crescenta Tuesday night, promoting the release of his latest book, “Bad Magic.” Bosch, who has been on the New York Times Bestsellers’ List for his Secret Series of books that follow the fantastical adventures of Cass and Max-Ernest, appeared for his young fans at the Sparr Heights Community Center.

The event was sponsored by the Once Upon a Time bookstore in Montrose, which generally holds book signings for authors at the store itself. Once Upon a Time owner Maureen Palacios said she knew they would require a bigger venue for Bosch’s signing.

“It’s the first time we’ve had a signing outside of the store,” said Palacios. “We knew it would be a big turnout. He’s on the bestsellers’ list and he’s one of our favorite authors.”

Indeed, the turnout was large, with a line forming to the front of the community center.

Bosch made a grand entrance, not only reading an excerpt from “Bad Magic,” but, in keeping with the theme, also put on a magic show for his fans.

Bosch performed a series of tricks under the guise of “the Great Bashini,” which he revealed was his true name, “the name I was born with” after a fairly suspenseful buildup. The kids both marveled at his impressive illusions and laughed at his intentionally bad tricks (again, keeping with the theme). Among these, Bosch performed such classic tricks as pulling a dove out of a hat (a bar of soap and a dove at that), revealing the initial words to “Bad Magic”’s sequel from previously blank pages (the words, “If it’s so easy to write a book, then why does it take you so long?” revealing themselves at the beckoning of the magic words “Buy my book”) and performing just the conclusions of a few tricks to save time (i.e. a newspaper which had previously been in pieces now amazingly intact).

Afterwards, Bosch was available to sign copies of “Bad Magic” and pose for pictures with fans.

Those in attendance could also take part in interactive activities such as a prize raffle and performing their own magic tricks on-stage. A contest was also held to see which school was most represented by the kids in attendance, the winner of which would garner a private visit from Bosch at their school sometime in the future. Nearby Fremont Elementary, which sits directly across the street from the Sparr Heights Community Center, won by a landslide.

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