Are You a True Believer?

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Photos by Mary OKEEFE

Photos by Mary OKEEFE


On Sunday, visited the Harvest Market in Montrose to introduce people to the new nerd website.

True-Believers, for those who are, is how Stan Lee greeted his comic book followers. The website was designed by Sedna Solutions and its content is supplied by writers from CVW. The idea of the website came from two of the biggest nerds in the CVW office – Charly Shelton and designer Steve Hernandez.

As Shelton and Hernandez began talking to each other, they realized they had a common bond that included comic books, graphic novels, cosplay, tabletop gaming and all that is nerd-dom. Every Wednesday morning they go comic book store hopping and even drove to Phoenix to attend a comic book convention. And, of course, there is Comic-Con.
All of this energy has been invested in Now when they get excited about getting a new Green Lantern ring or they hang autographed photos of themselves posing with Stan Lee on the wall, it is all work related.

On Sunday, they shared their love of all things nerd by inviting people to get their pictures taken in front of a green screen. They then placed those images on a comic book-type cover of the Harvest Market. The images are available on the website for those who participated.

Check out and enjoy articles about science fiction, comic books, games and movies. In fact, as of press time, Shelton is waiting for Geoff Johns, DC Comics chief creative officer. Johns was signing the comic book, Forever Evil #1. September is DC Villains Month and every week another villain will be released.

So if you understand what was just written, or you are in fact excited about it, you are a True Believer.

For information on the website, contact Charly Shelton or Steve Hernandez at the CVW office (818) 248-2740 or email or is produced every other Friday. The next issue will be on Sept. 13 but information is constantly being updated on the website.

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