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“The more you read,the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” –Dr. Seuss.

Anyone who has ever visited Once Upon A Time bookstore in Montrose knows that the love of reading is the driving force behind owner Maureen Palacios. That enthusiasm for reading is why Palacios is bringing “Laughing Loudly for Young Literature” to the Crescenta Valley.

The Sept. 28 event will be held at the MacDonald Auditorium at Crescenta Valley High School and will gather four of the most popular children book authors and illustrators working today.

“Jon Scieszka was here last year and was such a hit and David Shannon was here the year before,” Palacios said.

Scieszka is the National Ambassador for Young People’s LIterature and the well known author of several children’s books including “Stinky Cheese Man.” Shannon is a author illustrator of books including “Duck on a Bike.”

Four popular authors will be stopping by Crescenta Valley High School. The event, hosted by Once Upon a Time bookstore, is on Sept. 28.

Mac Barnett and Adam Rex author and illustrator of several popular books including “Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem” and “Guess Again” will join Shannon and Scieszka on stage to entertain and answer probing questions like what it is really like to be a Stinky Cheese Man.

“These authors are irreverent and funny and that’s how you get kids to read. You have to get them hooked,” Palacios said.

Scieszka and Shannon will be revealing their new book “Robot Zot!” at the event.

“The book isn’t available to the public yet but I got an advanced copy. It is so good, I was giddy,” Palacios said.

She added that the story has an unexpected twist in the beginning pages and from that point on is full of imagination and creativity that includes battles but in the end love conquers all. It is how the Robot gets to the end that will keep kids laughing.

Palacios said the event was something she had worked out with publisher Simon & Schuster, her bookstore has always been a popular place for their authors.

“They said you don’t just get one author but you get four,” she said.

The publishers wanted to do some school visits as well as the one main event at the auditorium. Palacios arranged for visits to Monte Vista Elementary and Cerritos Elementary. She chose the latter because the school has not had many visits by these authors.

Not only will the event allow children to meet their favorite authors and illustrators up close and personal but is a fundraiser for the new La Crescenta Library. Originally Palacios wanted to have the authors at the new library but since it is not yet open the high school worked as a great substitution, she said.

“Its not just the authors that will be there. We have kids from the school’s drama department performing skits about reading. There will be a craft table for the kids and information about literacy for parents and teachers,” she said.

Tickets can be purchased at Once Upon A Time bookstore and will include books. For $20 purchasers will receive two tickets and the new book “Robot Zot,” $28 gets three tickets and “Robot Zot!” and “Guess Again.” Additional tickets are $5 without books, there will be 10% off other books purchased for the event.

“This is kind of like dreaming of something for so long and now it has finally become true,” Palacios said.

Once Upon A Time bookstore is located at 2207 Honolulu Avenue, (818) 248-9668.

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