With Summer Ending, There’s Still Things to Do


Oh no! Only one week left to have fun before heading back to school. What to do? Well, here are some ideas.

There’s the CV Weekly Scavenger Hunt that began last week. If you’re unfamiliar, grab last week’s paper and take a look at the story we did on the hunt on page 18.

Switzer Falls trail just reopened for hikers and swimmers who want a little outdoorsy adventure. Just miles up the ’Crest, this nature wonderland has about a mile of trail winding up, over and through the riverbed as the water flows down to Switzer Falls, a huge waterfall that is flowing heavily at this time of year. For those so inclined, bring a bathing suit and head to the top of the falls to float in a series of small pools (some about waist deep) or head down another trail to go to the bottom of the falls and see the lake that it forms, which is much deeper. This is a perfect way to beat the heat in the last few days of summer vacation and get out away from the smog to do some exploring. Good for all ages; no charge.

Disneyland is also swinging with the last of summer excitement with their new attractions – Star Tours: The Adventures Continue and The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. The lines for these attractions over the summer got pretty long – at times almost four hours just for one ride. But now the lines are dropping as the tourists head back home to get ready for school. We locals can now head in to enjoy much better lines, with no wait on Ariel most nights and just about 15 minutes during the day. Star Tours is now down to about 30 minutes at night and about 50 minutes during the day. This is, of course, a great place for kids and families who want to do something together. Prices vary depending on ticket package and options.

For a family of four, usually about $260 for tickets to both parks for a day.

Universal just introduced its new Studio Tour host on the video screens: Jimmy Fallon of SNL mediocrity and now “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” On the tour, he is actually pretty funny. In addition to little bits of history throughout the tour, he has funny little skits using the sets that the tram is driving through. And the tram tour also has King Kong 360 3-D, which has seen better days. Last summer when it opened, it was amazing. But now the projectors are a little soft, the 3-D effect is off, and the water jets need to be reaimed. Hopefully Halloween Horror Nights will take use of the worlds largest 3-D screens and use it for their haunted Terror Tram experience and it will get the maintenance it deserves for that. Until then, it is still an amazing ride and an amazing park. This is more geared to teens and adults as some of the rides such as the Mummy coaster and Jurassic Park may be too much for young kids to handle. The cost of a ticket is easier than Disneyland, as are their annual passes, so you can come back for the best Halloween park in town.

For more ideas, take a look at our summer issues of the Crescenta Valley Weekly, now available in .PDF format for your home computer, tablet or Smartphone and turn to the Leisure section.