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HAC Hosts 29th Annual Children’s Festival of the Arts

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Photos by Charly SHELTON

Photos by Charly SHELTON
Internet sensation Jiff the Dog greeted guests at the VIP table.


On Sunday, the Hollywood Arts Council held its annual event, the Children’s Festival of the Arts. This yearly festival is held at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood as a free event to get children interested and involved in the arts.

Exhibitors from L.A. Zoo, L.A. Metro, Kind Snacks and more came out to share the day with families from all around the Los Angeles area as kids made art projects, met with child actor celebrities, took dance or acting or singing workshops, listened to story time performances or just enjoyed the festival.

“It’s a celebration of art, family and community,” said Nyla Arslanian, president of the Hollywood Arts Council, “and the community extends all over Los Angeles.

Balloons adorned the entry to the Paramount lot.

Balloons adorned the entry to the Paramount lot.

“I always like to tell people that at this festival, you see the true face of Los Angeles – every size, shape, description, every hue. I imagine there are multiple languages being spoken.”

And Los Angeles turned out in record numbers, with approximately 5,000 attendees – a record high for the festival.

The event celebrated its 29th year and Arslanian was very pleased to note a new trend emerging in recent years.

“It’s 2014, and one of the things over the past few years that has been really gratifying is that we’re getting second generation [visitors]. There are people who are coming and making a point of stopping by and saying, ‘You know, my folks brought me to the festival when I was a kid.’ It gives me goosebumps when I say that.”

Debra and AJ Stolberg posed with L.A. Zoo’s mascot.

Debra and AJ Stolberg posed with L.A. Zoo’s mascot.

The festival was a “total success,” as issued by HAC in a press release Tuesday. But a press release was not needed as anyone who was at the event could attest to its popularity.

For more information on the Hollywood Arts Council, visit

Arslanian did confirm that a festival is already being planned for next year, the 30th annual.

She added, “the common denominator is art, family, community and, well, as you look around here today, smiles.”

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Benny Lumer got his face painted at the festival.

Benny Lumer got his face painted at the festival.

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