Incoming Assignment from Impossible Mission Force

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>Newspaper fingerprint scan active. Identity confirmed. Begin message:


>Greetings, Agent. We are glad to see you made it out of Kraztovia in one piece. Well done on your last mission. We have received intel on a new assignment that has been passed down to you from the Impossible Mission Force. Keeping the world safe is our directive, and we will do what many will say is impossible to make sure our directive is met. We now have reason to believe that a new threat to global security has arisen from a foe who was believed dead.

>This threat was brought to our attention by one of our other IMF agents, Ethan Hunt. His exploits are legendary and you have surely seen some of them at the Academy. Most recently, under the helm of Field Director Brad Bird, Hunt and his team were disavowed and hunted under the “Ghost Protocol” in 2011. And while they eventually set things right and were welcomed back into the IMF, they have put us all on thin ice with the CIA, who wants to fold our agents into their resource pool and dissolve the IMF. This new threat cannot be handled by the CIA as they have unknowingly added to the problem already.

>The new threat is an organization called The Syndicate. It is made up of agents who were presumed dead, some of whom had even faked their own deaths to join. The Syndicate is led by Solomon Lane, a former British MI6 agent who went rogue and wants to change the world using violence and fear. He collected the best agents from espionage agencies all over the world and created a terrorist network with links to destroying the current infrastructure of the world economy. This “Rogue Nation” poses the greatest threat of any we have ever faced and could possibly be the last mission that IMF ever undertakes.

>We have agents in the field already who you will rendezvous with to complete your assignment. Ethan Hunt you have already heard of, and will identify him onsite as looking a lot like Tom Cruise. His tech specialist, Benji Dunn, looks like Simon Pegg and IMF squad leader William Brandt looks like Jeremy Renner.

>Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stick with this team in a surveillance capacity and report status updates back to IMF headquarters. We have a facility located conveniently close to where you are, cleverly disguised as a movie theater. Your cover identity will allow you access to the screening room where IMF will be streaming feeds from the mission site. Passphrase for the agent at the entrance is “One ticket for ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,’ please.” Although this is a secure location, be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior from other supposed movie-goers. Agents of The Syndicate will be all around you trying to get into the screening room we have set up for you. If, for example, you see anyone buy a ticket for “Fantastic Four,” they are most certainly an evil agent and should be considered armed and dangerous – because no one is actually going to see “Fantastic Four” on purpose; it is just a cover to get them into the facility.

>Be safe out there. Hunt has just reported in and his latest mission involved his being strapped to a cargo plane during takeoff and then dropping a load of missiles safely into the ocean, all without his own parachute. The footage of this incredible mission will be added to the feeds in your screening location as background information on your fellow agents to get you primed for the “Rogue Nation” assignment.

>This newspaper will self destruct in five seconds.


>End of line.

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