All are Invited to Scavenger Hunt

By Maddy PUMILIA and

Crescenta Valley Weekly is hosting a treasure hunt to celebrate the end of summer and to get everyone outside to enjoy the warm weather before it fades into the coolness of fall.

The game is simple. Using the clue below, searchers can follow it to local landmarks, businesses and parks around the area in search of the final destination. Because the clues are somewhat cryptic, it’s recommended that kids bring along someone who knows the area.

The groups will visit four places in total. When the groups reach the final stop, there will be a logbook to sign their names, ages and where they are from.     Stumped? Search or look at past issues for clues in the stories we have done. The answer to every clue is from a previous story or advertiser. The names of the people in the groups who complete the treasure hunt will be printed in the Sept. 1 issue and each winning participant will receive a certificate of completion from CV Weekly. The deadline for completing the scavenger hunt is Aug. 30.

Interested? The first clue is at the end of this story. Once you figure out where this clue wants you to go, get in the car and go to that location. Look for the CV Weekly’s symbol, the sparrow. You’ll find your next clue there.

Please remember to be kind to the business owners and the land you are searching on. And also, please leave the laminated clue at the site so other searchers can keep the trail alive and continue their hunt.

First clue:
This church is the perfect balance between watching the football game and worshiping God. And Jesus stands out front as a referee. The penitent man at the foot of the statue will find his next clue.