Steel Pit Hosts Local Musicians

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Saturday evening was a night filled with music for patrons of the Steel Pit in Tujunga. Local bands The Verm, Alan’s Breakfast, 100 Onces, and Sketch Orchestra participated in a symphony of mathematical riffs, ambient soundscapes, and powerhouse drummers in a successful effort to bring down the house.

The Verm started the night off with a psychedelic cosmic rock sound reminiscent of groups like The Mars Volta and Porcupine Tree. The Verm consists of members Aaron Goldich, Jon McCracken, Jonathan Santin, Michael Keppler, and Nikola Ratkovich. They ended their set with a drum solo performed by Jon McCracken that rocked the house.

Alan’s Breakfast took the stage afterwards, mesmerizing the crowd with jazzy keyboards (Taylor Rodiger), psychedelic guitar tones (Nigel Thornton), and a bassist (Kyle Norvell) and drummer (Ethan Norvell) who grooved throughout the set. Their soft but infectious sound kept the atmosphere cool. For those who woke up late for breakfast, they will be performing at Yall Fest on Saturday.

As soon as breakfast was over, the infamous two-piece 100 Onces electrified the room. Still bursting with energy off of the success of their newly released album, 100 One Says, drummer Richard Ray and guitarist Barrett Tuttobene filled the Pit with their explosive sound. They are considered a math rock group. Math rock is a rhythmically complex subgenre of rock music. As complex as it may be, Ray and Tuttobene play each and every song spot on, sometimes leaving listeners wondering if they can read each others’ thoughts. If the music wasn’t enough, Tuttobene added some hilarious punk-rock musings in between songs. As their sets came to a close, Barrett informed the crowd that the following band is quite “sketch.” And indeed they were.

Sketch Orchestra was the final band of the night … probably to deter too many faces from being melted before the audience could see the other bands. Sketch Orchestra consists of guitarist Aaron Van Zutphen, bassist Ben Heyman, and drummer Jeremy Fawrup. Heyman and Fawrup seemed to warp time and space with their funky and unpredictable grooves while Van Zutphen added his guitar effects to color the sound of the group. The intensity of these musicians was extraordinary. They handed out their free EP afterwards, an appropriate parting gift for a night of great music.

Alan’s Breakfast, 100 Onces, and Sketch Orchestra are all associated acts of Mother Turf. Mother Turf is a musical coalition based in Los Angeles but since its birth has spread across the country. The coalition is a central network of musicians who assist musical acts with services such as venue booking, recording and engineering, raising visibility, touring, and more. To listen to these groups and more, visit

For those who missed this show, Alan’s Breakfast, 100 Onces, and Sketch Orchestra will all be playing at Yall Fest on Saturday. Yall Fest is a night of art and music when more local bands and artists will be showcasing their work. Yall Fest is on Aug. 3 at the American Legion Hall, 10039 Pinewood Ave. in Tujunga. Admission is $3; doors open at 4:30 p.m. All ages are welcome.

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