It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Comic-Con!

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Sabrina is ready for the Con dressed as Babydoll from Sucker Punch, pictured with a character from the film.

Not everyone who attended the annual convention was eager to be there, however once involved it was an experience like none other.

By Sabrina

I was not looking forward to Comic-Con. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t even really know what to expect. After listening to my boyfriend for months begging and pleading for my company, I relented.

We decided on costumes, and I actually had lots of fun creating those, but I was still picturing comic book geeks arguing with Trekkies about …  whatever nerds argue about.

And then we arrived.

It was as overwhelming as the first day of college combined with the helplessness of being lost in a giant crowd. And I loved it! There were thousands of booths with artists, toys, games, clothing and gadgets as far as the eye could see. Hundreds more rooms housed panels for comic books, television, movies and the creators and celebrities that went with them. We saw every booth and went to numerous panels.

“The Con,” as the pros call it, was so big that it reached across the street from the San Diego Convention Center and continued at three neighboring hotels. And I’m proud to say that we saw it all.

Sabrina dressed as Poison Ivy, pictured with a fan dressed as Harley Quinn from “Batman: Arkham Asylum.”

Three exhausting days later, with barely enough money for the return trip home, I had completed the impossible: I had gone to Comic-Con and enjoyed it.

It’s more than comics books and nerdy 40-somethings dressed as their favorite whatever. It’s a gathering for all kinds of people (and believe me, I saw them all) to dress up, see their favorite movie stars and spend way too much money for a limited comic or DVD box set. It is place where the atmosphere is fun and carefree, and people want to share their hobbies and interests with others.

I learned that you cannot come to Comic-Con with any expectations because they will only get blown away by your experience. I know my boyfriend will be happy to hear that I had fun at Comic-Con – and I’m already planning next year’s costumes.

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