Thor, Captain America and Ant Man Coming to the Big Screen

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Imagine being a star football player. Best in the league. And more than all the success and winning all the championships, the thing that drives you onward is wanting to be there with all your football friends and have a great time – going back stage at the greatest stadiums, going to the exclusive parties, all of that. Then imagine suffering a broken leg and they say you are out for a season. How tough would it be watching everything happen around you, but you can’t take part in any of it?
That’s what it was like for me watching Comic-Con coverage. This is the first Con I have missed in years. It is my favorite event of the year and I love going to all the parties and the meet-ups and seeing all the panels. But this year I did not attend and I followed all the news from home.

Here is a wrap up of the big stories that went on at Comic Con 2012 that I read on my tablet while crying into my pillow.

Marvel announced its next films through 2014. Thor 2 got a subtitle – “Thor: The Dark World,” as did Captain America 2 – “Captain America: Winter Soldier.”


For those unfamiliar with the series, Captain America will face the mysterious Winter Soldier, who has been a secret operative for the last several decades. Anything more and I may reveal the big twist.

Thor will face The Dark World, which little is known of the direction that will be taking. But some comic enthusiasts believe that Dark World is Svaralfheim, home to the Dark Elves and on the same level of the world tree as Midgard (Earth) and Jotunheim (Frost Giant Homeworld). Though no official villain has been announced, there is speculation as to what it may be.

Also, Guardians of the Galaxy will be getting its own film adaptation as part of “Phase 2” of Marvel’s movie universe, as will Ant Man (finally!).


Dr. Hank Pym, Ant Man (a.k.a. Giant Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket), was a founding member of the Avengers. He can shrink to a half-inch high and grow to as large as he pleases with his shrinking and enlarging suit, which harnesses Pym Particles (named for their discoverer Hank Pym). He also has a helmet that allows him to communicate with and influence armies of ants. He is the best character in the Marvel Universe, in my opinion, and he should have had his own film before this so that he could be part of The Avengers. Better late than never, I suppose. Ant Man will receive a big screen adaptation sometime in 2013 or 2014, directed by Edgar Wright (who is best known for “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World”). This is definitely going to be a great movie and, if nothing else, it will be nice to get Ant Man back in the public eye and maybe get him his own ongoing series because Avengers Academy, where he is a teacher, is getting dull.

“Pacific Rim,” Guillermo del Toro’s new scifi thriller, had a cool booth with space suits on display that helped to give audiences a look at what the feel of the film may be.

“Doctor Who,” a BBC mainstay, had its panel in Hall H and it was just about packed, according to reports. The series, which is entering its seventh season, is going to be taking a turn when one major character is written out indefinitely. A new companion will be introduced, however, and the series will go on battling Daleks and Cybermen alike.

This was the best of the news that I read while sulking at home and even though I couldn’t be there to see all the great footage and sneak peeks, reading about it online was better than not knowing at all. But I am definitely going to Comic Con next year.

For more Comic-Con coverage, take a look at the July 19 issue of the CV Weekly and check out Susan James’ articles on the best of TV panels.

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