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“The Avengers” came out this summer and it became the most successful film of all time that was not directed by Jim Cameron. Then “The Amazing Spider-Man” had a nice, big opening this last weekend over July 4th. And later this month, Batman makes his last hurrah on the big screen in “The Dark Knight Rises.” All of these comics-driven movies are inspiring new readers to find a local comic book shop and begin the super-journey of the true believer.

As has been said, I am a comics nerd. I keep up with my Marvel every single week, even if only a few comics at a time, and I read DC sporadically, several issues at once because I like to get a chunk of a story at a time (more happens in Marvel comics every week, DC feels lighter).

Right now, my fave comics lines are Avengers vs. X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and The Invincible Iron Man. But those are all well established. Yes, the story arc “Ends of the Earth” from the last few issues of Spidey was great.  Yes, the arc “Long Way Down” in Iron Man is one of the best Stark stories I have read. And yes, the whole Scarlet Witch thing in AvX is pretty amazing. But all of these are well known. What if you want to get started on all of these great characters from the get-go without hunting down that Essentials collection or a bunch of back issues at Comic Con? Luckily, Marvel has your answer.

Image Courtesy Midtown Comics

Image Courtesy Midtown Comics

Marvel has reprinted the first Spider-Man issue, “Amazing Fantasy #15,” with the same art by Steve Ditko and same script by Stan Lee, but without the $1.1 million price tag of the original. It also has reprinted the first issue of Spidey’s own book wherein he meets the Fantastic Four.

Not a Spider-Fan? Try the Avengers issue one reprint, where Loki tricks Hulk into attacking a bunch of individual super heroes teamed up together to take him down. They realize that this could be a good idea, and thus the Avengers were born. This reprint is the same as the Spidey reprint – same art, same script, but $2.99 instead of $250,000 for an original from ‘63.

But you want to know more. You aren’t a single-issue fan, you’re a full story fan. I dig your style.

Then try on for size a graphic novel of the Season One line. This line, including Spider-Man season one or Ant Man season one, Hulk, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Four and X-Men season ones, retells the origin stories and the first few adventures of each super hero, updated to our time and collected together as a graphic novel for the first time.

Ant Man (a.k.a. Giant Man, Dr. Hank Pym, Wasp, Yellow Jacket) is my favorite super hero. I have been reading Avengers Academy purely because I like his character so much and Marvel refuses to give him his own ongoing series. But as much as I have read about him, I have never come across his origin story. And as a founding member of the Avengers, he is important enough to deserve one. Ant Man Season One, which was released last Wednesday, takes us back to Hank working in a garage, discovering Pym Particles, and refining the tech that he invented, making Ant Man/Giant Man possible.

For those in search of beginnings to the stories in place, look no further. And for anything comics related, CV Weekly suggests Comics Factory in Pasadena. They are kind enough to supply our staff with comics and previews like these so we can keep cranking out the comics articles and reviews. So show your appreciation – stop on by to pick up some comics. And tell them CV Weekly sent you.

Until next time, true believers – Excelsior!

Image from Midtown Comics

Image from Midtown Comics

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