Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Announces “25 Cent Family Flicks”

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre ( is turning 85 years old and announced a 25 cent-a-ticket offering for families on Saturdays at its Chinese 6 theatres in Hollywood.

Each Saturday a classic family film will be featured at 10 a.m. This Saturday is Madagascar 1; on July 21 Puss in Boots; July 28 Kung Fu Panda 1; Aug. 4 How to Train Your Dragon; Aug. 11 Megamind; Aug. 18 Monsters Vs. Aliens and on Aug. 25. The Spongebob Square Pants Movie.

The lights in the theatre will be left on throughout the film so you can see your kid if he or she gets up to wander around and Grauman’s Chinese 6 will also have booster seats for kids on hand.

Stadium seating is also featured so kids can see better. There will also be healthy snacks such as yogurt, granola bars, mini cereal boxes, fruit, etc. All adults must be accompanied by a kid (and vice versa).

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