Highs and Lows at E3

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Another year, another E3 come and gone. E3, for those who don’t follow the video game industry, is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It is the biggest video game convention in the world and it is held every year in Los Angeles for industry members and media to get a sneak peek of what is coming down the pike in the way of video games for the next year and beyond. Injustice: Gods Among Us is a big game right now, released a few weeks ago. It was one of the big titles previewed at 2012 E3. Most of the games previewed are, at the very least, months – sometimes years – shy of coming to market. But once the games and systems shown at E3 hit the market – most over the next year or so – they will eat up the time of every responsible citizen who had a life until he got an XBOX One.

The big issue this year was console wars. Playstation 4 was announced a few months ago and at E3 the actual console was available for play. Its biggest competition is the XBOX One, announced and shown at a press conference in May. Then there is the Wii U, which is the console equivalent of Randy, the little brother from “A Christmas Story,” running behind the big kids screaming, “Come on guys, wait up. No fair,” and so on.

This new generation of consoles is impressive to say the least. XBOX One is essentially an entertainment center that can play games and the PS4 is a game console that can play Blu-rays. Depending on where your interest lies, gamers can get the system that best suits their needs for gaming, movies, Internet streaming, TV and more. But with the big two so evenly matched, it leaves the other smaller game tech companies to fill the second system slot.

Moga is a smaller company that makes controllers for Android phones. When you think of mobile games, most people stop at Angry Birds. But there is so much more. This Moga controller will click onto an Android phone or sync to an Android tablet providing a console-style controller for your favorite Android games. That’s all fine and good, but I really don’t need a controller to play Fruit Ninja. So Moga developed an app to launch games that will give you the full power of your phone to give the user the best gaming experience. Playing old school games on the phone has gotten a whole new life with the advent of this controller. Sonic the Hedgehog, which is usually controlled by digital buttons and joysticks on the touch screen, now has physical parts that won’t slip out from your fingers and, no matter how sweaty your fingers get from playing the game intensely, you can regain control of the little hedgehog.

This was just one of the many amazing things at E3 this year. To read more about E3 in greater detail, check this week’s True Believer on Friday. This digital newspaper is the world’s first dedicated specifically to nerds. If you want to know more about E3, you are a nerd and True Believer is for you.

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