World of Color is a wonderful world indeed

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When Disney’s California Adventure first opened in 2001, it was amusing but wasn’t something you couldn’t get anywhere else. It lacked that magic that Disneyland had brought and maintained for almost 50 years. A rollercoaster, a water-rafting ride, swinging swings and a Ferris wheel. Santa Monica pier has many of these same things. They needed something to bring that special Disney magic across the way to the new park. Tower of Terror was good. Mickey’s swings are OK. Even the Monsters Inc. Ride helped. But not until now has there been an attraction that really captured that magic that we all wanted for the other park so desperately.
That attraction is World of Color. 
The new nighttime water spectacular in Paradise Bay is the culmination of five years of planning, 18 months of construction and over seven decades of timeless animated classics that we
all know and love. This show is amazing. I teared up at
least once. People around me were crying almost the whole time. Finally, an attraction worth going to DCA for.
But though amazing, it’s not without its downsides. If you want to see the show at 9 p.m., arrive at the park no later
than 45 minutes before the park opens. After the premiere, I returned to the park to watch as a guest. I got to the park at 9:25 a.m. I waited for 35 minutes for the park to open. Then almost an hour in line once the Fastpasses started being given out, and I was still in the back of the back of the first show. Fastpasses are handed out, guaranteeing a spot for the show, and
that alleviates worry throughout the day, but the crowds were still enormous.
And then, all your troubles and worries fade away when the show starts. You are lost in a world of childhood fancy, relieving the great films you grew up with. Definitely not to be missed. Worth the wait.
I give this show 5 out of 5 stars.

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