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For the first time in the history of CV Weekly, we have commandeered the Leisure section for use solely on video games. E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, was held at the L.A. Convention Center last week and with all the games there, we decided to devote an entire section to it.
Below you will find Ted Ayala’s look at Japanese video games, Michael Workman’s view on E3 overall and in case you don’t want to wait for the games of E3 that aren’t out yet, a review of recently released Diablo III.
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This year’s E3 had plenty of reveals and excitement for gamers. Companies like Capcom, Sega, Ubisoft and many more unveiled several highly anticipated titles.

The Resident Evil series from Japan has always done well in the U.S., so it was expected that the latest title in the famous franchise is considered by Capcom developers to “deliver the most impressive Resident Evil title ever.”

“Resident Evil 6” was the star of Capcom’s booth at E3, showing off the tantalizing trailer released back in April. Zombies will be returning along with new enemies called “J’avo.” A new key feature that is piquing interest is the ability to “run-and-gun” as previous Resident Evil titles did not include this. Capcom has promised that a playable demo will be available in September.

Sega had announced back in 2008 that Gearbox Software would take the helm for “Aliens: Colonial Marines” and at E3 2012 a playable demo had finally arrived. “Aliens: Colonial Marines” is set after the events of the movie “Alien 3” on LV-426, the same planet on which both “Alien” and “Aliens” films took place.

A team of marines has been dispatched to find out what happened to Ripley, the missing marines, and the ship U.S.S. Salaco. Once there, the new group of marines are attacked by the iconic Alien creatures and must find a way to survive.

A first-person shooter, “Aliens: Colonial Marines” is aiming to be a terrifying and exciting action-heavy game. Gearbox has also announced that the game will be on the Nintendo WiiU sometime in the near future.

The French Canadian developers at Ubisoft Montreal are credited with creating the hugely popular Assassin’s Creed series and have finally given a long awaited first look at “Assassin’s Creed 3.”

Once again, a new protagonist will take center stage. Connor is a half English, half Mohawk Indian who is caught in the middle of the American War of Independence and also the shadowy war between assassins and Templars. New features for ACIII include the ability to jump through treetops as a faster way of traveling, assassinating without breaking a chase and naval combat on the high seas. Also announced at E3 was “Assassin’s Creed: Liberation” for the PSVita starring for the first time a female assassin named Aveline de Grandpré. Both games are to be released simultaneously this October.

Though these are some of the biggest titles shown at E3, they are only a fraction of the amazing games industry insiders and casual gamers alike are looking forward to.

Hopefully next year’s E3 will have just as many reveals and sneak peaks as 2012 (provided the Mayan apocalypse doesn’t happen).

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  1. Emilia   June 17, 2012 at 12:23 am

    First of all, the guy’s name is Ted AYALA. Secondly, you didn’t even bother to place Mr. Ayala’s coverage of Japanese video games in this particular piece when it clearly says “below you will find”. Pay more attention to your publishing.

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