Coachella Music and Arts Festival Brings Families Together

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Marissa GOULD, intern

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival officially ended on Sunday.  Located on the Coachella Polo Fields in Indio, the festival featured over 150 bands, of which I saw about 10. I have gone to Coachella since 2011. Every year I go with my dad, David Gould, and sister, Nicole, for a weekend of music, art and way too much sun.

The festival takes place over two weekends, with the same bands playing each weekend. Around 90,000 people attend each weekend. My family has always gone the first weekend because we want to see everything first. It’s also cooler the first weekend, which sounds weird because the festival is out in the desert in the middle of April.

We always “car camp” – people pull their cars onto the polo field, set up tents, and camp out for the three days – so we have to get to Indio pretty early on Thursday morning if we want to get a good spot. We’ve been pretty lucky these last few years; our camping spot has been so close that we could hear the Coachella stage from camp.

There are a total of six stages: the Coachella stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, Sahara Tent and the Yuma Tent. I’ve gotten to know these stages pretty well since there is always someone I have wanted to see performing on each stage.

I have gone to Coachella since my freshman year (2011) with my dad and sister. My first year, we saw Cage the Elephant together and they played again this year. So, of course, we had to go see them again. This year’s Coachella performance was as great as the first.

The music brought us together. My dad, David, said, “[Coachella] was a very rewarding time with my daughters, discovering new music that we now have in common.”

Which is true because now all my dad and I listen to together is Cage the Elephant.

“Coachella is three days in the sun with my friends and family,” said my sister Nicole.

I might not be able to make it to Coachella next year (I leave for college), but I will always have the memories made with my dad and sister.

Besides, I can always call my sister and have her tell me all about it.

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