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Luigi’s is Back

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When Cars Land opened in June 2012, Luigi’s Flying Tires was the definite low point for some. Personally, I liked the ride and the technology of floating tires across the ground (like an air hockey table) harkening back to an old Disneyland attraction, the Flying Saucers in Tomorrowland. But the critics and guests revolted against it and, after two months of being open, the ride was changed and the inflatable balls were removed. But the wait times were still painfully long, usually over an hour. The ride system didn’t really work all that well and broke down frequently, causing massive delays. In February 2015, Disney finally surrendered and closed the ride, planning to open a new attraction within about a year. Well, it’s a year later and there is a new attraction, but I’m not sure how much of a change it is.

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters opened at the beginning of the month in the same location and with the same layout as Flying Tires but with a different ride system. The new ride brings in Luigi’s cousins from Carsoli, Italy, who are visiting Radiator Springs and having a dance party at Luigi’s Casa della Tires. Guests board a ride vehicle that looks like a little European roadster and frolic in choreographed dances across the dance floor. The ride system is trackless so to the guest and any viewers it looks like they are really dancing of their own accord.

The ride is really fun, and I had a good time. Disneyland brought me out to see the ride last week and I waited 45 minutes for it, not counting the half hour it was broken while they attempted to cycle the ride. It happened first when I was just getting in line, and I’m not sure how long it had been down, but it cycled back up and about 35 minutes later, just as I was nearing the front of the line, it went down again for a half hour. Part of the reason the first iteration was taken out, reportedly, was because the system was faulty and that led to a lackluster ride experience and really long lines. This ride is really fun and, if it was just a 45 minute wait, I would have walked away very happy. But all I can report on for this article is my experience at the park and, for what it was, I was a little irked at the double breakdown.

Time will tell if the system improves and in future trips I will keep an eye open to see if the ride is running well. If you go to the park, be sure and stop by Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters. It’s definitely worth a ride.

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