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by Michael YEGHIAYAN

One of the greatest things about classic films is their ability to continue entertaining audiences no matter how many times we watch them. A truly great film will outlive the medium it is recorded on and remain culturally significant decades after it is initially released. They possess a depth that may not at first reveal itself but extend the impact of an already great work.

Beginning Tuesday, April 1, cinema fans will have the opportunity to get a closer look at three such films thanks to a collaborative effort between Prospect House Entertainment and Glendale Arts. The historic Alex Theatre will host screenings of “A Clockwork Orange,” “Time After Time,” and “Star Trek: Generations” that will include a Q&A session with veteran actor Malcolm McDowell.

In addition to McDowell, legendary actor Gary Oldman will moderate “A Clockwork Orange” and Michael Dorn will moderate “Star Trek: Generations.” The moderator for “Time After Time” has not yet been announced.

The screenings are a part of the “In Person” series that previously brought the Loretta Young Tribute and James Bond screenings to the Alex Theatre. The series will begin with “A Clockwork Orange” on April 1 and will be followed by “Time After Time” on April 8 and “Star Trek: Generations” on April 15.

President of Prospect House Entertainment, Tegan Summer, explained what attendees could expect from the upcoming series.

“‘A Clockwork Orange,’ in particular, is generational. Serious fans retain the interest as the film usually evokes a landmark memory from when they first saw it,” he said. “Countless moviegoers have spoken to me about where they were and what they were doing upon seeing it for the first time. It’s nostalgic.”

Summer also expressed his excitement over the prospect of fans engaging McDowell and learning more about these three films.

“Malcolm is such a peerless talent that today’s fans will flock to see him, and there’s not greater display of his craft than as Alex in ‘Clockwork.’ ‘Time After Time’ is on multiple industry professionals’ and sci-fi fans’ “must watch” list; we felt we had to include it,” continued Summer.

The format of the series diverts slightly from a traditional Q&A with a dedicated focus on actors and directors and their perspective on the filmmaking process.

“A Q&A for me is an opportunity to entertain the audience while I give a history and put the film in a social context,” McDowell explained. “It will especially be interesting for people to see these films on a big screen again. Many never got the opportunity to see them in theaters, so this should be exciting.”

In particular, McDowell singled out the “Time After Time” as an especially significant film in his career. He met Mary Steenburgen, the film’s costar, on set and the two were married between 1980 and 1990.

“They just showed ‘Time After Time’ in LA and I managed to catch the end of it. I was really impressed at how well preserved the film is,” said McDowell. “That film has become more popular over the years because it was featured in the early years of cable television. That really expanded the fanbase.”

McDowell will bring stories and experiences to the Alex Theatre that were collected over the course of an acting career that has spanned nearly 50 years.

“The films in my career have been an extraordinary experience. Every film has its life and it is a sort of precious thing. When you talk about them, it opens up the gates to the emotions involved,” he explained. “I love being an actor and it is a privilege to have such a long career. I am thankful that I was given that opportunity.”

McDowell has also been attached as the leading role in the psychological thriller “The Secret of Casa Matusita.” Based on Peruvian folklore, the Prospect House Entertainment film is currently in preproduction and scheduled to begin shooting on location in Peru this July. Actor Bruce Davison has also been attached to the project, which is directed by Catherine Pirotta.

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