A Wild Ride Can be Found at Cavalia

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Top: Roman riding Fairland Ferguson Photo credit: Peter Greitzke Above: Grande Liberté Sylvia Zerbini Photo credit: Jean-François Leblanc


Cavalia was like a dream. We were in the Roman Colosseum, floating through space, but space was tie-dyed.

Horses were running around everywhere while chiseled men and beautiful women shouted orders to them from the backs of other horses and then, in a flipping jump, landing in the center of the arena. This even sounds like a dream.

But if you had this dream
you would probably go to a shrink the next day to ask what it all meant. What it means to us is that Cavalia is back in town.

Cavalia is like Cirque du Soleil on horses. Amazingly talented riders and gymnasts display their talents on horseback, swinging from trapeze, and jumping off trampolines to launch across the stage. In the beginning, the feats of athletic prowess are just amusements. But as the show progresses, it becomes “Jackass” on horses – let’s see how far we can push this, or let’s see how many ways I can ride this horse, or how many horses can I ride at once.

It starts with one rider jumping a horse over a pole. Then it becomes a rider jumping a horse over a pole while standing on its back. Then it’s a rider on two horses, then four, then six horses at once. One rider standing on six horses jumping over two consecutive poles while another rider is on his horse upside down, and the horse in the middle is dancing.  It was amazing.

Tickets range from $49 to $239 a pop, so there are many different options on when and how to see the show.

Valentines Day is coming up, so as a reminder to all those significant others who are usually last minute shoppers, if you are planning on doing Cavalia for your sweetie, make reservations now because I’m sure they will book up fast.

Cavalia is showing in downtown Burbank in those big, white tents next to the freeway from now through Feb. 15. Visit for more information, or scan the code in the top photo.

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