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Paul Carafotes has lived in the Crescenta Valley area for over four years now. One of his favorite places in the community is Jeremy’s Coffee Shop on Honolulu Avenue at Ramsdell Avenue. So when Carafotes authored a popular children’s book, “The Adventures of Charlie Bubbles,” Jeremy’s seemed a great place to hold a book signing.

“Jeremy’s … has been one of my favorite places to have breakfast on Sundays and I’ve gotten to know the owner, Jeremy, quite well and the waitresses and the people. It’s kind of a community, a little family,” Carafotes said. “Jeremy suggested that we do a signing there on Sunday.”

Though Carafotes was “a little apprehensive” because the signing is on Sunday at a time when the restaurant is busy, Jeremy thought the timing would be perfect.

“Jeremy said, ‘No, people are coming in from church, families will be together. Let’s get some posters and put them up,’” recalled Carafotes.

The book, “The Adventures of Charlie Bubbles” was a project that Carafotes worked on for a five-year period after being inspired by his own son, Charlie, who loved bubbles as a baby.

“I used to blow bubbles and he loved [them],” said Carafotes. “And at the time I was reading him all kinds of children’s books and I thought that I could write one. I said, ‘Hey this is easy, I can do this.’ And then of course I started writing it and learned quite quickly that it was difficult. It took some time to finish, but we got through it.”

The story follows the main character, Charlie, on a journey in a huge bubble he blew with his tongue. He soars off to meet new friends such as a squirrel in a pumpkin shell and a worn old teddy bear. Along the way he learns valuable lessons and faces his fears. In the end, he discovers that things, and people, aren’t always what they seem: “You can’t judge a bee by its buzz.”

The book is available through the website and in select stores in Montrose along Honolulu Avenue including Critters. The signing will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Jeremy’s Coffee Shop, 3009 Honolulu Ave. on Sunday.

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