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Oculus Rift – The Next Great Leap in Gaming: What if you were able to step through that window and see these worlds firsthand and interact with them as if you were really there? This seemingly science fiction notion will soon be entirely possible. Introducing the next giant leap in gaming immersion, the Oculus Rift.




Air Supply Comes to Arcadia: The Australian soft rock duo, consisting of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, played popular classics such as “All Out of Love” which got the crowd buzzing. The set list included a mix of upbeat crowd pleasers that brought the audience to its feet and also slower ballads that had everyone singing along.

Valentine Wine Walk: A self paced, self guided tour of some of the most popular wine tasting rooms in the area, the $65 ticket gave guests a complimentary $10 flight at each of the 10 tasting rooms. Each flight presented between three big glasses to six moderate sized glasses of wine. Note that this may not be a one-night event. Not to worry; the wine walk ticket is checked off at each room visited whether visited all in one day, within a weekend or some time over the entire year. The ticket is valid for one calendar year, so if consuming 60 small glasses of wine is a bit too much to attempt in a single evening, ticketholders can come back in the summer or when the leaves change in autumn and finish the tour then.


‘Beauty and the Beast’ a smash hit at CVHS: The opening of the Crescenta Valley High School production of “Beauty and the Beast” was welcomed with audiences full of parents, students and members of the community. The show, directed by Zoë Bright, featured the full repertoire of the original Broadway musical and was a big production – really big.

Hollywood BMA’s: There’s no better way to spend an evening than at a cocktail party in the Roosevelt Hotel ballroom in Hollywood. Oh wait, yes there is: a cocktail party in the Roosevelt Hotel ballroom in Hollywood- with models.




PWN Awards: The First Annual Pole World News Awards were held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to celebrate the art and technique of pole and aerial arts. With Pole Sports vying to enter the 2016 Olympics, is it time that it was accepted as a legitimate sport and realize that just because poles are in adult clubs doesn’t mean they can’t be classy elsewhere?

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Ride Opening: After the events of the first two Despicable films, lucky for Universal Studios Hollywood ticketholders, Gru and the minions have opened their home to “new recruits” to become minions. After walking through Gru’s house and into his secret underground laboratory, guests donned their “safety goggles” that all minions wear and watched a hilarious preshow in the queue area before being led into the test chamber where they were zapped with Dr. Nefario’s Minion Gun, transforming them from humans to minions.”




Coachella Music and Arts Fest Brings Families Together: The Coachella Music and Arts Festival, located on the Coachella Polo Fields in Indio, featured over 150 bands. Writer Marissa Gould shared that she went every year with her father David, and sister Nicole, for a weekend of music, art and way too much sun.”






Bourbon Steak Comes to Glendale: Writer Charly Shelton was invited to the restaurant, located on the back side of the Americana in Glendale, not long after its opening to enjoy the gourmet food, hand-crafted cocktails and the luxurious dining experience of Bourbon Steak. With his girlfriend Sabrina, the pair took take part in this dining adventure. They were greeted by the friendly staff who explained the concept behind the restaurant – the golden age of air travel. Stacks of bundled postcards lined the shelves along the walls, travel bag straps were woven into a unique display in the dining room and images of clouds, photographed from above, floated above as they settled into the plush booth in the intimately lit restaurant. Sabrina was wearing a dark dress and Charly had a black suit coat; the hostess asked if they would like black napkins rather than the white ones laid out on the table. This is the level of service and propriety of the staff reflecting their attention to detail.”

 Disneyland 24-Hour Party “Rock Your Disney Side”


LA Film Festival: One of the city’s major international events, the Los Angeles Film Festival, celebrated its 20th anniversary with screenings in theaters around town of nearly 200 features, movie shorts, and music videos from 40 countries. In a number of the films, California appears as a major character.




An Evening with Martin Short and the Glendale Pops: In what he called the “I Should Have Saved” show, Short  revisited classic characters and films through song, dance and comedy.”




Vendange Inn and Suites in Carmel Offers Luxurious Getaway: Working with over a dozen local wineries from the Carmel Valley, Vendange has created an inn that appeals not only to those looking for luxury, but those looking for a truly immersive wine experience. With tables and chairs made of wine barrels, finished with a cork bar top, this will be an overnight experience you won’t soon forget.




Sims 4 is Dis-Sim-pointing: Writer Michael Workman pondered that it’s strange to realize he practically grew up playing “The Sims” series since it debuted way back in 2000 when he was still in sixth grade. It was a wonderful cartoony game about controlling the virtual lives of sims, from getting them jobs to making sure they didn’t starve to death. No one expected that a game about watching fake life would be so engaging, but three sequels and a ton of expansions later, “The Sims” has proven itself with series sales over 175 million copies world wide.

Disney Infinity 2.0: How would you like to be Aladdin, running through the streets of Agrabah? Or The Lone Ranger, hunting down bad guys in Neverland? Or Merida, riding through the futuristic city of Sanfrosokyo in search of the alien guys from Pizza Planet? How would you like to be The Mighty Thor, come to vanquish that most evil menace, Stitch, for what he and Jack Sparrow did to your room? Disney Infinity can provide that.”


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Magnolia House Opens in Burbank: Handcrafted cocktails abound, gourmet dishes are served on small plates, perfect for sharing with two or more people. And in the low light, as you sip a cocktail of watermelon, whiskey, vermouth and Aperol, you realize you never want to leave.




FIDM’s Christmas Pop Up Shop: Salvador Perez, costume designer for the Fox comedy

“The Mindy Project,” has come up with a line of opulent costume jewelry that draws its inspiration from the deluxe designs of Bulgari. Smashing red cabochons encircled with sapphire-colored stones sit next to necklaces fit for Marie Antoinette, but they won’t cost you your head. Dan Lawson, costumer for the CBS drama, “The Good Wife,” has produced a line of sleek minimalist chain jewelry in varying sizes and metallic colors and Danielle Launzel, costume designer for ABC’s “Selfie,” showcases a collection of delicate silver jewelry.





The Hobbit: The Desolation of Jackson: What took J.R.R. Tolkein, a very wordy author who loves to delve deep into explanation and backstory (similar to Dickens), 41 pages to accomplish, it takes Jackson two hours and 24 minutes. And that is before the inevitable extended cut. To top that, the second film ended with a huge cliffhanger of the dragon flying off to wreak havoc. The resolution to that is rather short and then we start a different story. It’s like ending “Star Wars: A New Hope” when Luke fired the photon torpedo at the Death Star. Then the next film is two and a half hours of, “It’s a hit!” and “kaboom!” and the throne room march. So this film is “The Hobbit: The Throne Room Scene.”


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