Weekly Horoscopes Provided by October 4, 2010 – October 10, 2010

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ARIES March 21 – April 19
Life gets convoluted this week, Aries. You’ll lose your bearings in a ticklish situation on Monday. Mercury in your zone of enemies squares Pluto on Tuesday, so steer clear of an associate’s mind games. This person is a “frenemy,” someone who pretends to be a friend. Be alert to his or her devious ploys. Health  issues will need attention on Friday. It’s possible that you’ll need to schedule a dental or medical visit. Enthusiasm will be at a peak on Saturday.
TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Taurus, don’t let pessimistic thoughts invade your mind! Look for the silver lining in any cloud on Tuesday. A new hobby beckons on Thursday. It’s time to jazz up your regular routine. You may decide to take dance lessons or learn  to play tennis. Your ruling planet Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio on Friday and you may want to review your current life scenario. It’s possible that you’ll consider changing some recent decisions. A friend will be of service on Sunday.
GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Watch your words, Gemini. Mercury, your ruler, is square Pluto on Tuesday, and you could say something to an associate that you’ll regret if you aren’t careful. Consider zipping your lip! Inspiration  will be on tap on Thursday. Artistic pursuits will be a main pastime. Set long-term goals on Saturday. You’re too focused on daily activities. It’s important to remember that tomorrow will come. Prepare for the future this weekend. Adventure beckons on Sunday. You’ll be ready to experience bold adventures.

CANCER June 21 – July 22
Cancer, you nurture others, but early this week you’ll be in need of support! On Tuesday you’ll take care of your own needs. Timing is very important on Wednesday. If you don’t judge a certain situation correctly, you’ll miss the boat. An opportunity to move may appear when the New Moon  enters your home zone on Thursday. You’ll renovate your living quarters. Get ready to hold a paintbrush! You may need to stand up to a domineering relative on Saturday.
LEO July 23 – August 22
Life choices will be overwhelming when the Moon in Leo is quincunx Jupiter on Monday. You’ll have so many roads to walk that selecting one will prove difficult! Pare down your choices. Select the best option. On Thursday creativity will be high. Put your thoughts on paper. A family  reunion may occur on Friday. A sibling might pay you a long visit. Exasperation will be your companion on Sunday. It’s possible that a friend will show up late for an outing.
VIRGO August 23 – Sept. 22
Virgo, you tend to be a worrywart. Your ruler Mercury squares Pluto on Tuesday and you’ll fret over relatively minor problems. Maintain perspective when dealing with life issues. Working out a friend’s dilemma will prove challenging on Thursday. It’s possible your associate needs more help than you can give. Nostalgia will occupy you on Friday. Many hours will be spent pouring over photo albums. On Sunday a physical ailment may prove hard to diagnose. Stress may be the root cause.
LIBRA Sept. 23 – Oct. 22
Libra, you’re neglecting a situation that needs attention. On Tuesday you’ll realize it’s time to take control of this matter. A crisis could develop if you delay any longer. A new beginning beckons when the New Moon  takes place in Libra on Thursday. You’ll update your appearance. Tossing out old clothes, thoughts, and habits will be a favorite activity. “Forgive and forget” may be your mantra on Friday. You’ll finally let go of a grudge. Temptation will be strong on Sunday.
SCORPIO Oct. 23 – Nov. 21
Scorpio, powerful  Pluto is your ruler. Once you decide to achieve a goal, nothing stands in your way. On Tuesday you may consider acting ruthlessly. Reflect on the consequences first. Insight will be strong on Thursday. Follow your hunches and listen to your sixth sense. Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio on Friday and your vitality may start to sag. It’s possible you’ll need a lot of rest. Positive vibrations surround you on Sunday. You’ll be overwhelmed by a new sense of optimism.
SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
You usually take life as it comes, Sagittarius, but you’ll need to take the initiative in a certain situation when the Moon opposes your ruler Jupiter on Wednesday. Don’t let this matter slide. If you do, you’ll lose the upper hand. Your social life will get a boost on Thursday. Mix and mingle with others. A secret may become known on Friday. Be discreet regarding personal issues. Zip your lip in public. Problems with a family member occur on Sunday.
CAPRICORN Dec. 22 – Jan. 19
Timing is everything, Capricorn. On Tuesday you may attempt to force an issue to move along. If you rush matters, you’ll lose out in the end. Concentration will be difficult on Wednesday. Your thoughts will be scattered. Get ready for a shakeup in your social life when Venus turns retrograde in your friendship zone on Friday. You may learn  a companion is moving away. You’ll need to change tactics on Sunday. The effort you’re making isn’t achieving the desired result.
AQUARIUS Jan. 20 – Feb. 18
Aquarius, you see the best in people. This week you need to discern the true motives of others. The Moon opposes Neptune in Aquarius on Monday and an associate may try to drag you into an unhealthy situation. An opportunity to visit an exotic locale will emerge on Thursday. You’ll pack a bag and head off for parts unknown. You may shun the spotlight on Friday. It’s possible that you’ll keep a low profile. You’ll daydream on Sunday.
PISCES Feb. 19 – March 20
Carelessness may get you in trouble, Pisces. Pay attention when going about your daily routine on Wednesday. Don’t multi task while driving. Take measures to safeguard your valuables. Mercury is conjunct Saturn in your sector of transformation on Friday and you may decide to do some self-analysis. You’re tired of making the same mistakes! A court case will be settled in your favor on Saturday. Think twice before giving a friend your honest opinion on Sunday. Sugarcoat your words to this person.

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