March 21 – April 19

You’ll find yourself caught in the middle of a challenging family situation on Monday, as the Moon in Aries squares your ruler, volatile Mars, currently in Cancer. Try not to over-emote too much! Saturday you’ll encounter a formidable rival. Your competitor wants to win at all costs and, of course, so do you, thanks to Mars, the warrior planet. Your heart and mind are firmly set on achieving your goals this weekend, and on winning any contest you participate in.


April 20 -May 20

You’ll be able to work with whatever life situation you encounter early this week. The Moon enters steady and stable Taurus and your sector of self on Monday, and your emotions will be grounded. Friday your ruling planet Venus opposes erratic Uranus, and you’ll be called on to help smooth over a close friend’s brief emotional distress. Get ready to give your companion a sympathetic shoulder and a listening ear. Your thoughts will turn to your own needs on Sunday.


May 21 -June 20

Gemini, your spirits sag whenever you are in a situation that becomes stale and stagnant. After all, you thrive on variety and change! Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Libra and your sector of creativity on Friday, and your energy will shift quite a bit. Your desire to channel your thoughts and emotions through your creative projects will accelerate as your artistic side kicks into high gear. You’ll schedule time with friends on Sunday, and make your family your first priority.


June 21 -July 22

You are governed by the shimmering Moon, and you make your own rules as you go through life. You’ll be called on to defend a choice you made on Monday, as the Moon in Aries squares Mars in Cancer in your sector of self. You don’t need to explain yourself or your decisions, so keep that in mind. You’ll find it hard to concentrate, and your thoughts will be scattered on Friday. Write your ideas down or you’ll forget them.



You’ll want to take charge in a community matter you deal with regularly on Monday, as the Moon in obstinate Taurus in your sector of community affairs trines potent Pluto. Of course, who knows how to run the show but you! Your little grey cells burst with knowledge as Mercury enters Libra in your sector of your mind and imagination on Friday. You’ll be able to easily solve any problem you encounter, and your brain will spin with clever notions.


August 23 -September 22

Your industrious side will be firmly in place on Thursday. Remember to utilize all your productive energy this week, because you’ll have enormous resources at your disposal. Consider redesigning your life plan. Long-term decisions should be made before the weekend begins, because on Friday Mercury, your ruling planet, enters indecisive Libra. You’ll undergo an energy shift, and flip-flop on your life choices. Sunday, cut yourself some slack and be tolerant of your own doubt and uncertainty in an important matter.


September 23 -October 22

Everyone you know is not on your side, though you try to be friends with your associates! On Friday Venus, your ruler in your sector of hidden enemies, is quincunx illusory Neptune, and you’ll find you have an elusive foe. Be sure you are not blindsided by the actions of someone you normally consider a friend, and be aware of the hidden motivations of your associates. This weekend you’ll notice your inner wisdom increases, and your ability to be discerning rises.


October 23 -November 21

You are ruled by intense Pluto, so you know better than to expect each day of your life to be a smooth ride! You’ll discover your vacation plans need to be changed on Monday, as the Moon in Aries squares Mars in your sector of travel. You may learn you have several home repair issues that need to be taken care of on Friday. Ask family and friends for help when needed, and remember, it’s OK to request a favor.


November 22 -December 21

You’ll begin to look at life with a jaundiced eye early this week, Sagittarius, as you realize that serious issues are part of your daily journey. Tuesday you’ll be blue as the Moon in your sector of daily activities squares your ruler Jupiter. However, your cynicism will be temporary, because you’ll be looking for the rainbow behind every rain cloud on Friday! You’ll count your blessings over the weekend, as your ability to put a positive spin on your life returns.


December 22 -January 19

Capricorn, you’ll be unable to maintain your schedule due to unexpected events this week, especially on Wednesday. Be prepared to drop everything on your plate, as the Moon in your sector of daily activities is quincunx Pluto in Capricorn! An acquaintance has a hard time expressing him or herself to you on Saturday. You’ll need to call on all your patience when you deal with this person, and listen closely to what he or she has to say to you.


January 20 -February 18

Aquarius, this week you’ll do some thinking about why you haven’t achieved your fondest goals. Thursday you’ll be ready to redesign your wish list and make it more practical. The Sun trines lucky Jupiter in Aquarius in your sector of self on Saturday, and you’ll be hit with a flood of new inspiration. This weekend quite a few of your associates will want to come on board as you dance to your own inner music, and they will bop along with you.


February 19 -March 20

You need to step in and take charge of an important life issue this week, Pisces! Try not to delay any longer, since your time is running out where this issue is concerned. You may decide to take action on Thursday. Don’t wander into unsafe areas, and carry your cell phone and a map with you on Friday. Be sure to pay close attention to your actions, especially while driving, as Venus in Virgo is opposite unpredictable Uranus in Pisces.