Weekly Horoscope Provided by horoscope.com April 19, 2010 – April 25, 2010

ARIES March 21 – April 19
Ram, you often lose sight of your responsibilities in your quest for fun and excitement. Your conscientious side will kick in this week and you’ll tend to your tasks and chores, starting when the Sun in Aries is quincunx Saturn on Monday. You may slip and suffer an accident on Thursday if you don’t pay close attention to your actions. Your ability to express yourself will increase on Sunday. You’ll hear from a school friend with whom you lost touch.

TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Happy birthday, Bull! It’s time to celebrate this week as the radiant Sun enters Taurus on Tuesday. You’ll discover the spotlight is firmly on you and you alone. Make sure to treat yourself to a special present. You’ll be ready for fun on Friday, and you may learn a new sport. You’ll find it easy to get moving when Venus, your ruler, enters lively Gemini on Sunday. Your energy will be in high gear and you’ll rush around more than usual.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Listen to your inner voice this week, Gemini, and pay attention to your sixth sense. The Moon in Gemini trines intuitive Neptune on Monday and you’ll have a flash of insight regarding a tricky situation you’re dealing with. You’ll be in reflective mode on Tuesday and need some alone time for a while. You’ll find it hard to find the right words when your ruler, Mercury, currentlyretrograde, squares Mars on Sunday. Rehearse what you want to say before you speak.

CANCER June 21 – July 22
Cancer, you have a canny ability to size up the people you interact with, thanks to your perceptive ruler, the Moon. On Monday you’ll be able to spot any tricksters that come your way. Don’t take anyone you meet at face value. You’ll assess your hopes and dreams when the Sun enters your sector of what you wish for on Tuesday. You’ll join a new group on Saturday and kick your social life up a notch. Mix and mingle this weekend.

LEO July 23 – August 22
You’ll become a bit of a worrier this week, Lion! Your ruler, the Sun, is quincunx stern Saturn on Monday, and you’ll begin to fret more than usual about your life. Remember to not let fear rule you and your life. On Thursday your emotions will be triggered when you encounter an associate you tangled with in the past. You still harbor resentment toward this person, so give yourself permission to vent your feelings and then move on to other matters.

VIRGO August 23 – Sept. 22
You’ll be rather unsettled this week. The Moon in scattered Gemini squares Saturn in Virgo on Monday and you’ll be unable to chart the right course of action in a complicated situation in your life. Sort and sift through all your options before you come to a conclusion. Legal matters are favored on Friday, and your persistence will pay off in a court case. Check all of your text messages and e-mails before you hit the send button on Sunday.

LIBRA Sept. 23 – Oct. 22
Be careful of your actions this week, Libra, especially on Monday. Don’t text message or chat on your cellphone while you’re driving or walking across a busy street. You will find it hard to be realistic when your ruler, Venus, squares nebulous Neptune on Friday. You won’t take a practical view of your life circumstances, so it might be a good idea to leave problem solving for a later time. On Sunday your sense of positive optimism will return.

SCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Don’t ignore your well-being this week, Scorpio. On Monday you’ll notice an ailment isn’t getting better. Consider consulting your doctor about any health issues. Your vitality will sag a bit when the Sun enters ponderous Taurus opposite your Zodiac Sign on Tuesday. You’ll need extra rest, so try to get plenty of sleep. You will contact a former associate on Saturday. Your companion has changed since you last saw him or her, so be prepared for quite a few surprises.

Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
Sagittarius, you’re usually very blunt and forthright. That’s fine, but you also need to consider the social niceties as you interact with others. On Monday you may unwittingly offend an associate. You’ll decide to jazz up your regular routine on Tuesday. You may try a new hobby or enroll in an exercise class. Clear a place on your mantel this weekend! Venus enters Gemini and your sector of rivals on Sunday and you’ll win any competition you decide to enter.

Dec. 22 – Jan. 19
Capricorn, remind yourself to let sleeping dogs lie this week. Don’t meddle in a matter that isn’t in your own best interests on Monday. You’ll find the courage to stand up for yourself and your own ideas when Venus sextiles daring Uranus in your self-expression sector on Friday. You know you have the right to live your life the way you choose. You’ll need to help a family member on Sunday. Get ready to provide a shoulder to lean on!

Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Your sense of direction will definitely be skewed this week, Aquarius! The Moon in scattered Gemini squares erratic and unpredictable Uranus, your ruling planet, on Monday and you’ll feel discombobulated as you go about your day. Your domestic side will kick in when the Sun enters your home zone on Tuesday. You’ll feel the urge to stay in your own backyard for a change. A friend may invite you to be part of his or her sports team on Sunday.

PISCES Feb. 19 – March 20
Intuitive Neptune is your ruler, Pisces, and usually you pick up easily on the vibrations around you. On Monday your sixth sense will be especially strong. Pay attention to your hunches. You’ll certainly receive a lot of attention when dazzling Venus sextiles bold Uranus in Pisces in your sector of self on Friday. You may discover that you’re the flavor of the week! Your wires will be crossed when you attempt to get in touch with a friend on Sunday.