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July 31
2900 block of Fairmount Avenue in La Crescenta, someone punctured all four tires of a vehicle between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.
2600 block of Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta, a man described as Hispanic, 5’ 7” tall and weighing 220 lbs. was seen entering a store, placing several items into a black bag and exiting the store without attempting to pay at 4:46 p.m.
4500 block of Leata Lane in La Cañada a backpack and medication were stolen from an unlocked vehicle overnight.
July 30
3000 block of Gertrude Avenue in La Crescenta, the driver side passenger door was keyed and scratched and the vehicle was egged and the home was vandalized overnight.
2700 block of Franklin Street in La Crescenta, cash was stolen from an unlocked vehicle overnight.
July 29
2400 block of Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta, compact music discs, a cellphone car charger and other personal items were stolen from a vehicle between July 29 and July 31.
100 Berkshire Place in La Cañada, several personal identification items were stolen from an unlocked vehicle at 9:14 a.m.
2300 block of Florencita Avenue in Montrose, a man reported that he met a woman at a bar and they took an “Uber” back to his home. Once inside an argument occurred between the two and the woman allegedly got so angry she ripped the man’s shirt off, scratching him at the time. The man left his home and called CV Sheriff’s Station.
During the investigation deputies realized that the man had been drinking and they did not see any visible injuries. The woman was not at the home when deputies arrived at 1:27 a.m.
July 27
2700 block of Pinelawn Drive in La Crescenta, a wallet and cash were stolen and two vehicles were ransacked. The owner of the wallet received a phone call from his bank and discovered his credit card had been used during the night at a local gas station without his permission. The vehicle burglary occurred overnight.
2300 block of Mira Vista Avenue a bicycle was stolen from an open garage overnight.
2800 block of Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta, cash was stolen from an unlocked vehicle at 5:45 p.m.
July 25
4400 block of Oceanview Boulevard in Montrose, a television and remote were stolen from a closet as the resident was moving out. The resident had a moving company in his home at the time between July 25 and July 27.
July 26
2900 block of Mary Street in La Crescenta, the third row seat was stolen and the tailgate hatch was damaged and driver’s side lock punched on a vehicle between July 26 and July 28.

July 24
2300 block of Caracas Street in La Crescenta, a wooden desk and other items were stolen from a home between July 24 and July 30.

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